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Why not a Pkitass Blvd. instead

29 Jun

Back Camera

taken with my iPhone



Chococat Still at Large

27 Jun

This note was anonymously slipped on to my desk this morning.  No one seems to know who put it there or how it seemed to miraculously appear on my desk…

Highly suspect!!! Highly suspect I say!!!

Everyone in the building has this odd demeanor about them. Nothing majorly suspicious, just slightly odd and guarded. No one seems to want to look me in my eyes and most everyone seems to be somewhat avoiding me.  You know, like how everyone avoided the unpopular kid at lunchtime!

I am getting a sneaky suspicion that this might have been an inside job! I played extra nice with building security and asked to see the perimeter and inside camera recordings of this morning. Its amazing what a low cut blouse and a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts will do!

Low and behold, the entire security system goes blank from 8:47.32 a.m.  to 8:51.18 a.m. !

Highly Highly suspect I say! Whoever delivered this note knew when I would get to my desk and was somehow able to  circumvent the building security system. My thoughts are either this is a professional job or an inside job!

I don’t know what to do next…

ransom notes2

Palm Trees at Sunset

22 Jun

Palm Trees at Sunset

taken with my iPhone


Making The Tree Look Taller

21 Jun


How come I had never seen or heard about these videos before? Is it because I’m not a man, there for have no reason to make my tree look taller? But what about my back and chest hair? You know I could have used some pointers!  Anyways I heard about one of these videos on The Pretty Good Podcast and of course curiosity got the best of me, I had to rush on over to my computer  to check out the video for myself. It turns out Gillette put a bunch of videos on YouTube to show guys how to, well, shave different parts of their body.

Not wanting to be a selfish hostess on my own blog, I decided to share a couple of the videos with all of you. I believe this may also count as a Public Service Announcement.

Girls you can thank me later.Winking smile

Warning: You might not want to watch the first video with your kid sitting in your lap or standing by you.

Side note: Just because the actors on these videos are blue does not mean they are in anyway related to me.Freezing






Chococat Where Are You?

17 Jun

It saddens us all to inform you that Chococat has “gone missing” since last Friday. We are beset with ourselves with what could have happened to him! We have circulated “Reward – Lost Cat” all over town and might consider a national campaign if he doesn’t turn up!


We contacted the local FBI office and a field agent was sent to investigate what might have happened to Chococat. He believes that there could be three possible causes.

1)  Someone left the front door of the building open and Chococat  ran away. Perhaps forced by his heavy conscience for all the coffee he’s been taking.  Apparently the FBI knows of  “Chococats Coffee Adventures” and has been on his trail for some time now!

Choco Runaway

2) Chococat was abducted by Aliens to study how a seemingly innocent cat can infiltrate such well protected business without anyone noticing his mischievous ways! It seems that the Aliens might want to take pointers from Chococat to use in their own “Probing” efforts!


Choco Alien Abduction

3) Chococat infiltrated a Mob connected  business and unknowingly made off with Mob controlled coffee! The Mob came and kidnaped Chococat to send a message to all that might think about getting their coffee for free!

Choco Mobster 

We are very anxious and overwhelmed with what has happened. We urge anyone that might have any information regarding Chococats whereabouts to let us know or call the FBI directly. 

Love Can Be Found Anywhere

15 Jun




Choco Bueller’s Day Off

10 Jun

You might ask yourself… Why Pkitass? Why?? Why do you take so many chances and try to get free coffee from unsuspecting businesses when you can just fork over a couple of dollars at the local coffee shop and buy coffee like the rest of us?

Let me explain…

As our generation slowly progresses further and further into adulthood, I’ve noticed that youth is truly wasted on the young. Imagine all the things you could have done when you were young and carefree. No work… No Bills… No Kids… No mortgage… Just the vast unadulterated future ahead full of wondrous possibilities.

I, along with most others from the cool 80’s generation, have begun to miss the carefree days of parachute pants and the awesome original MTV videos. One of my fondest memories of Junior High was when there was a teacher assembly scheduled for half a day. Instead of sending everyone home, they gathered us in the auditorium and showed Ferris Bueller’s day off.

So, unlike others (ehm ehm) that buy insanely expensive fancy German sports cars and blast “Land down under” with the top down, my attempt at regaining my youth is to be mischievous and get away with my playfully naughty coffee adventures just like Ferris got away with his day off.

In the resonantly famous words of Ferris: “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you can miss it!”



My First Wordless Wednesday

8 Jun

  For the past few weeks I have enjoyed  Wordless Wednesday  posts over at  It’s Just Life.  So I have decided to partake in Wordless Wednesday. Don’t judge me! I needed an excuse to share my pictures with you without overwhelming you everyday with them.

What is Wordless Wednesday?

Wordless Wednesday is a visual blog post. Whereas blogs  are primarily about "words". Wordless Wednesday is a simple blog post on Wednesdays featuring a photo which speaks for itself without using words.


Taken with my iPhone

Spring Concert?

6 Jun

If you follow me on Twitter then you might know that last Thursday I went to one of my daughter’s school Spring Concert. My teen is in Advance Band and plays the Saxophone on footballs off season. During football season she plays the bass drums in Marching Band.

I’ll be the first to admit these kids are not in way the future players of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra nor will we find the next Justin Beiber  here at her school.

While the kids did try their best and  we as parents/fellow students and audience should have given them the proper courtesy and attention they deserved. It was astonishing how rude people were acting. Would it have killed anyone to shut the hell up! To sit quietly and listen to the music, granted at times it sounded more like cats in heat were singing on stage and maybe  the noise made while  washing pots and pans produce better rhythm. But still the kids deserved a better audience!

Really,  I’ve never wanted to punch people more then that night. Yeah, I’m sure whatever was in the crack between the ceiling and the wall to your left was much more interesting than your son or daughter playing on stage, and certainly  the loud comments hollered across the auditorium were much more important then the kids performance.

I know personally  I was really  impressed by the loud bubble gum smacking and popping abilities someone in the audience was sharing with us all.

While I am a fan of being able to speak your mind and speak freely, I’m not a fan of doing so rudely or acting like a jack ass at school events or any sort of event that is to be enjoyed.

I did get to record my daughter’s band playing and have posted it on YouTube to share with family and friends. Don’t worry I wont hold it against you if you don’t watch it, but come Christmas time don’t expect a gift from me  in the mail Smile

A Chococat Adventure

3 Jun

Its not the adrenaline pumping thrill of the chase that scars me..

Getting potentially caught doesn’t scare me…

Embarrassment… Awkwardness… Humiliation… Harassment….  HA!!! I laugh at thee!!!

What scares  me might you ask?  Well, when it comes to my weekly coffee escapade, what scares me the most is how my sensitive tummy is going to react to the sludgy mud water a vast majority of institutions somehow consider to be coffee.

So for this weeks big adventure, Chococat, with his cool and suave Sinatra Fedora on, will show you how I get into a business that I know for a fact has somewhat decent coffee.

Since Chococat felt suave and smooth with his classic fedora, we decided to record our intrusion with a black and white 1920’s homage.