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Making The Tree Look Taller

21 Jun


How come I had never seen or heard about these videos before? Is it because I’m not a man, there for have no reason to make my tree look taller? But what about my back and chest hair? You know I could have used some pointers!  Anyways I heard about one of these videos on The Pretty Good Podcast and of course curiosity got the best of me, I had to rush on over to my computer  to check out the video for myself. It turns out Gillette put a bunch of videos on YouTube to show guys how to, well, shave different parts of their body.

Not wanting to be a selfish hostess on my own blog, I decided to share a couple of the videos with all of you. I believe this may also count as a Public Service Announcement.

Girls you can thank me later.Winking smile

Warning: You might not want to watch the first video with your kid sitting in your lap or standing by you.

Side note: Just because the actors on these videos are blue does not mean they are in anyway related to me.Freezing







Game Called Life

3 Nov

There is just something about this song that gets me. It’s the theme song for Showtimes TV show “The Big C” 

Song Title: Game Called Life

Artist: Leftover Cuties

Ensenada Pictures

14 Sep

I have been working on the best way to show everyone my pictures from Ensenada after much sleepless nights I believe I’ve finally have it!

Now you might want to go make yourself a margarita before you hit play. Do you have your drink yet? Ok sit back and enjoy.

Human Vending Machine

4 Aug

Main aritcle on MSN’s front page  Unusual Vending Machine Foods Around the World.  Hmmm….how very intersting Pizza and Fries from a vending machine, this I have to see for myself. So I clicked over to  Youtube to see how The Pizza  and French Fries vending machines work. But found this vending machine much more intersting and super hilarious.

How To Trick People Into Thinking Your Good Looking

12 Jul

I’ve been seeing this  youtube video pop up everywhere on the internet. I’ll admit that I wasn’t the one who first discovered it but  Gina Grad from the PGP had it on her FB Wall then I saw it on other blogs.  I thought it was a bit funny and entertaining. Love the music she used in her video a classic Rick Astley song.  So just in case you’re not like me who spends almost half a day on the internet (cause you know you’ve got a life) and haven’t had the chance to see the video. I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

And so she says:

“Glasses are for Douche bags”

“I like colors like black cause it says I’m a whore”

“Now it’s time to put of fake whore lashes and cartoon eyebrows”

“I like this one cause it makes me look like a street walker”

“Go get yourself a job that’s super degrading”

“There’s no cure for ugly”

On a side note I wonder if I should follow her advice?

Play It For Me One More Time

29 Jun

For the past week SiSi has been continuously playing the same Youtube video while we sit at the computers in the front office. Both of us clearly very occupied; I’m Facebooking and she’s Myspaceing.  As we mindlessly type away, in the back ground you can hear the same video being played over and over and over and over again.   I keep telling her she is going to get bored of it soon!  If not her then definitely I am!  I guess I shouldn’t complain, it could be worse, way worse! She could be listening to one of those heavy metal bands like Love by Gojira or Her Ghost in the Fog by Cradle of Filth.  If you don’t know who they are, go to Youtube and at your own risk listen to them.

I’m too much of a nice person to subject you to such noise.

You can thank me later.

 Here is the video she has been making me listen to……..