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Hot Sweaty Dirty Girl

8 Jan

Things are about to get right down dirty and sweaty here.


I’m such a wild party girl! While you guys continue to enjoy your weekend  I will be cleaning.  Yay me!


My Back and Freaky Deaky Sex

8 Sep

Sometimes I suffer from back pain. Not excessively, but when I do it sure does a number on me. I  spend lots of time sitting  at a computer and a considerable amount driving long distances. It also doesn’t help that I have big breasts and will lift 40-50lbs boxes up flight of stairs if asked or needed.  This week I find myself  conquering back pain again. But I think I know the reason why I ‘m in pain no it’s not really because I got all acrobatic during sex nor did I decide to have a long weekend sexcapade. I think it was my trip to the beach on Sunday and the wave that made me it’s bitch. Yes, I got knocked down by a wave and somehow rolled around for a second just to come up from the water to be knocked out again! (Here’s a tip for you DO NOT turn your back to the waves even if the Lifeguard is cute looking  or to stare at  lifeguard with the  1980’s porn star brostache).  At the time my back didn’t  hurt but the next morning I was a little stiff and with slight dull pain but by Tuesday it was a full blown painful to stand or walk.  Its now Thursday and the pain continues, lets see how long I can take it before I give up and decide to go to a doctor.

Honestly I just wanted to remind everyone that I have big boobies Open-mouthed smile



Mission Failed

18 Apr

 Hi everbody (waving),

So how was your weekend? You ready for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? I won’t ask if your ready for Friday I know the answer to that one. HELL YEAH! Bring on Friday. Am I right? Who’s with me? Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday (chanting).


As you all are aware I was suppose to start posting my weekly Coffee challenge this Friday.  But due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to go out in public this week. If you follow me on Twitter then you most likely heard that I got a stye on my right eye and that it ended up getting infected causing my eye to swell up and giving me that perfect I just got knocked out of the ring look.

This is exactly how I looked

My eye looked so bad that I ended up going to the ER on Sunday. The Doctor told me what it was and that it would take 4-5 days to go away. Since I didn’t feel like getting sued for causing emotional and psychological trauma, this whole week I stayed indoors and kept myself hidden in the shadows, but when I did venture out I used my hair to cover half of my face.  People who did get to see me either thought I was going emo or just a big Justin Beiber fan.

My new Justin Bieber look. I think this look makes me look chic.


Since my eye is much better (thank you for asking), I promise, pinky swear, cross my heart stick a needle in my eye, wait maybe not the needle in my eye part, that I’ll post my coffee challenge results this Friday.   The name is still up in the air its between The Coffee-Con or The Coffee Nabber, maybe Ishould just change the name every Friday some witty or silly title that will be coffee related.

Also I would like to thank Gina  my sweet Twitter friend for being my first guest blogger. Yay!!! If you havent yet read her post please do so here.

Friday On My Mind

24 Sep

In most countries Friday is the last day of the work week. So people are generally in a good mood and surprisingly productive when Friday rolls around. After all, they have the whole weekend to look forward to, and now so do we with Friday finally here!

enjoy your weekend!

Friday Friday Friday!

27 Aug

Do you know what today is?  It’s Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday, FRIDAAAY!

What does Friday mean to you? For some it means that tonight you’ll jump start the weekend by hitting some cool places to get your drinking on.

For me, ultimately, Friday means the beginning of a two day holiday! Woohoo!!  A super-duper, mind numbing, deliciously scrumptious, yummy, delectable, mouthwatering, almost orgasmic Master’s patented Super Saturday Dinner. I’m drooling as I write.  Sundays are reserved for some much needed rest and relaxation to recoup from the stress of the entire week not to mention digestion of the Saturdays feast. In honor of my most favorite business day of the week; I give you a little Friday song.

Have a great weekend, you can tell me all about it on Monday.

Rested and Ready

23 Aug

I just can’t wait for the weekend to come around again. Woohoo Paaaarty!!! For many it means it’s time to start club hopping! Time to party like a rock star! Stay out all night and mingle with all the other rock stars.   Noooope that’s not what excites me at all, I can’t stay up all night doing things young people do anymore.  No more listening to ear deafening music.  No more wearing belts and having them pass as skirts. No more dying my hair a different color of the rainbow each weekend.  No more staying out all night and being able to function on just 1 or 2 hours of sleep.

Nope! For me the weekend means I can wear comfy cloths and go to sleep early and wake up late. Although, considering my gleaming and perky exterior (wink wink), most would find it very difficult to believe that I’m no longer a spring chicken and that my body aches for rest.  Actually it screams for time out! I need the weekend now to harness some energy for the long week ahead.  My weekend is used to rest my sore bones.  The only parties I’m attending are the ones on TV.  

Hope everyone is rested up and ready for another long week.

The CIA & A Korean Hangover

26 Jul

It’s Monday once again and I’m sure you’re all SOOOOOO very anxious to find out what I did this weekend! What shenanigans did I get myself into? What adventures did I go on? Let’s see what did I do? Saturday I went on a very dangerous task at Costco to purchase some needed items. Just finding a parking space on the weekend at Costco is an adventure in itself. I won’tsay what was purchased because that’s not important, nor very interesting! What was important was that I taste as MANY free samples they give out as possible! It has become very difficult to navigate through the gaggle of shoppers lined up for freebies. It is even more difficult to disguise yourself, on the fly at Costco, so you can get more than one sample from the same sample stand! Needless to say, I am a wonder with hats and other clothing items they sell at Costco, the CIA would be impressed! All I need to bring with me is a fake mustache from now on! I think the sausage vendor is getting suspicious! Once I felt I had accomplished my mission, I returned to the office, and like the lazy bum that I am, had really nothing else to do. I grabbed my usual jug of ice and sat outside with my entourage of doggies. Master and I tried to get them all in one picture but somehow when he said “cheese” they thought it was a treat and would run to find “cheese”. I think we got 9 out of 10 in the picture not bad if I say so myself.  

Now dinner that’s where things get fun and interesting! Master suggested, in his infinite wisdom, to go to an all you can eat Korean BBQ! I’m not one to say no to a free dinner, so off we went! Have you ever been? If not, I’ll walk you through it! First, and oh so so so very important, you make sure to bring an appetite. Not a regular appetite, I’m talking about the industrial strength, haven’t eaten for days, last meal of your soon to end life kind of appetite. Once seated at your table, you are brought a bowl of soup and all sorts of side dishes called “banchan” in korean. This includes: kimchi (a traditional Korean dish, made of fermented vegetables with varied seasonings), Kongnamul (Cold boiled bean sprouts with sesame-oil), Japchae ( glass noodles accompanied with a variety of vegetables and beef in a slightly-sweet garlic sauce), Pickled seaweed (Self explanatory), Korean-style potato salad (made with apples and carrots). Along with all these side dishes they also give various salty, pungent, tangy, and spicy dipping sauces, a very crisp and lively salad, rice paper and a bowl of steamed rice. Oh let’s not forget the GINORMOSE plate full of raw meat! (do I hear angels singing Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in the background?) The meat consists of paper thin slices of brisket-(my absolute favorite), Bulgogi-(Literally means “fire meat” thin slices of sirloin that is marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil garlic and other ingredients), Gailbi-(generally refers to a variety of grilled dishes that is made of cross cut beef short ribs), Pork Belly-(Imagine a super thick super size piece of bacon). Once you get your meat, you cook it right there at the gas BBQ that’s built directly into your table!!! When you think that your meat supply or side dishes have diminished to dangerously low levels, you simply ring the bell and the waiter brings more of what you ask! What a perfect concept!  

 All you can eat Korean BBQ is not for the week of heart or for amateurs! It has taken me years of training to get to my current plate count. Needles to say we stuffed ourselves silly! Master and I could both sense the amazement within the wait staff when we kept ordering plate upon plate upon plate of meaty goodness! I wonder if we broke any internal record for the amount of meat eaten in one sitting by two people. I never understood why all the waiters humbly bowed in amzement and clapped vigorously as we left? Huh! Wait a minute! Maybe we did break some sort of record! Needless to say, I ate sooooo much meat that, on Sunday, I woke up with a Korean BBQ Meat hangover (it’s a real medical symptom! Look it up!) and could do nothing all day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!! 
An all you can eat Korean BBQ meal is a very fun and yummy experience that everyone should try at least once.   

Getting ready to eat.