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Hanging with Mr. Tiki Tiki

11 Aug

Just chilling on the sweater

Chihuahua representing in da hood!

The Evil Cat wants to take Tiki Tiki to the dark side.


Tiki Tiki Sleeping……

28 Jul
Sharing the joys of having Tiki Tiki.

I’ll sleep when and where ever

18 Jul

Tiki tiki is growing up so quickly! I’ve noticed that he will just go off on his own and walk around the office. It’s the cutest thing to watch him walk the long hall way all by himself. The bad thing about this is that it’s getting harder to find him when his off on his adventures; especially when he gets tired and decides to take a random nap where ever he pleases too.
I think it’s time to put a bell or a tracking device on him.