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Hot Sweaty Dirty Girl

8 Jan

Things are about to get right down dirty and sweaty here.


I’m such a wild party girl! While you guys continue to enjoy your weekend  I will be cleaning.  Yay me!


Missed Connections

1 Jan


It’s the very first day of 2012 and I find myself a bit bored so what did I decide to do? What better way to keep myself entertained but to take the Craigslist: Missed Connections Writing Challenge that my fellow blogger Tom from Shouts from the Abyss posted way back last year Smile head on over to his page and read what he posted.

The challenge is this: Write your own “Missed Connections” post for the Craigslist forums. In case you didn’t know, that’s the section of Craigslist reserved for real life encounters where you got excited, were too chicken, then later wished you had hooked up. (Had sex.)

This is fiction folks. So keep it real. There is no word limit or rules of any kind. For bonus points actually go to Craigslist and post your entry (in the locale of your choice) and see what kind of responses you get.

Take your time, think it over, then post it on your own blog to participate in the “challenge,” if you wanna. If not, that’s cool, too. I’ll be the one looking you up on Craigslist. Peace. Out.

So here is what I posted in my city’s Craigslist:

“You were driving on the 405 South when you purposely cut me off. By what I could tell on your side view mirror you have a full dark beard and nice hairy, hairy arms. You were talking on your phone in a lifted dark green F-350 XL with the windows down. We caught eyes several times and I’m sure you couldn’t have missed my "you’re number one" finger sign because we finally smiled at each other while slowly traveling down the 405. This was last week sometime during morning rush hour. YOU looked HOT and I’d love to see more of that fur! Email me if you read this and on the subject line include make and color of my vehicle.


I just did this today so I don’t have any responses just yet! But stay tuned I will be posting all if any replies here on my blog.

Let me and my pal Tom at Shouts know if you too decide to get crazy  in 2012 and post your own missed connection.

Hey, who knows maybe I’ll find Mr.Right