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Sync in Progress

1 Jul


Yesterday, there was a surprise waiting at the office. Aside from my Facebook account beeing hacked into, Master and I received our new iphone4s! Woohoo!!!  The phone itself is really nice, pictures seem clearer and it’s a lot faster than my old iphone. Everything looks and works great so far, although I’m still play around with it. The only problem I ran into, which annoyed me to no end, was the backing up of the old iphone. I’m pretty sure I aged a couple of years and my hair grew 10 inches longer just waiting for the darn backup procedure to finish.  It took me 4hrs last night and nearly 6hrs today for Master’s iphone to backup.  Every 30 minutes or so  I would check on the iphone just to find myself  looking at same three words  I had been seeing for the past 2- 3 hrs. “Sync in Progress”

Well that’s all over with now at least. Now if you excuse me I need to go fuel up with caffeine so I can figure out how to reinstall my apps, music & podcast into my new awesome iphone 4.


Hacked Facebook Account

30 Jun

Today my Facebook account was hacked. Sadly, and as hard as it is for me to believe, I have no idea how they got access to my password. I’ve done all of the following things to try and fix the problem. I changed passwords making the new password something I will probably never be able to remember. I changed all accesses to everything in Facebook. I also dropped my use of any Facebook applications.

It’s kind of a bad that we live in a world of wackos who have nothing better to do with their time than to screw with other peoples accounts.

So for all of you who received the following spam message:

“Hey, I haven’t talked to you on facebook in a while,
but I thought I would message you from my new iPhone that I
just got for free for working with them for 300$ a day. Don’t tell anyone but this site is glitching and sending out free iPhones to anyone that signs up and gets accepted by them, i just confirmed my email after i entered it there: http://www.iphonejoboffer.com That is where I got my job too btw, check it out!”

It wasn’t me! and I apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused.

You’ve Got Rhythm

23 Jun

Funny Facebook Fails
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