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Friday’s First Coffee Run

22 Apr

So I bet a lot of you thought I wouldn’t post today. Well I was right there with you! I thought for sure I would never get the chance to sit down for a minute and type this up quickly. Although my plan was to post this early in the morning, silly me thinking I would give myself a three day weekend therefore having all the time in the world to write today but nooooooo, some people thought it would be a great idea to come in  and work. But it’s a good thing I did come in to work it did get busy and the extra hand was needed. Oh well its over with now.

I can officially start my weekend in 10…9.…8..…7….6.…5….4…..3..…2……1!


But before I get up and speedway I need to tell you about Tuesday. You see Tuesday ended up being a little overcast and it made me want some coffee.  So I thought why not go get some,  so I did just that. I was already out running errands. It was just a matter of time and courage. My next stop was a large office building,  I parked and went inside to look for the kitchen/break room which was no easy task in order to get to it I had to walk thru several hall ways all with office and cubicles on both sides.


After several turns I finally found the kitchenette. I was happy to see that there was no one in the room and that there was a freshly made pot of coffee. It was nice to see that they carried a wide variety of creamers. I chose Irish Cream that day. I did notice that they use Pete’s Coffee which was very tasty.




Isn’t my coffee canister just adorable?

So I filled up my canister and was about to leave when I noticed on the table there were some chocolates! Score! There’s no need to ask or wonder if I took any because the answer is HELL YES! But I had eaten them by the time I remembered to take a picture of them.


So with coffee in hand and chocolates in pocket I left without ever being asked anything.  I would say that my mission this week was accomplished plus extra points for the chocolate.

Here are pictures of the office kitchen where I work. As you can see we have a full blown kitchen  @TCiMaster doesn’t fool around when it comes to cooking or eating.  Cooking is taken very seriously here I’ve said it before on a previous post people have been let go just for bringing McDonalds to the work place.




Well I would love to stay and chat longer but I have a weekend to start and I’m sure you all have places to go and people to see.  So I bid you all a safe and fun Easter Sunday.



Mad Scientist At Work

16 Aug

Master has decided to turn everyone in the office into his personal guinea pigs.  Amongst all the other titles he holds: Gigolo, lady killer, God’s gift to women, Daper Don, south of the border he is known as Suavesito, El Don Juan and Papi Chulo; but experimental chef is the one he enjoys using the most.

 And like every great mad scientist throughout history, he too has his secrete lab hidden in the back of the office. It is a fully equipped commercial kitchen that would put most restaurants to shame.  It has practically every piece of heavy duty equipment a trained chef would require, not to mention all the cool tools needed to experiment with the unorthodox science master calls his interpretation of gastronomy!  The office is by no means a restaurant; although we are fully equipped to act like one if needed.  Imagine more a museum of eclectic and unique items in corky yet amazingly classical setting.  As most things in the office are over the top, so is the super kitchen Master calls his lair. We take food very seriously here! Very Seriously! People have been fired for bringing McDonalds to the office! Dominos drivers are afraid to make deliveries on this block!

Master at work, me in the back dancing.

This Saturday Master decided to work on his BBQ technique and purchased half a side of pig to play with. 

I’m not sure what exactly goes on in his lab. All I know is that he started around 1:00 and spent hours mixing spices and herbs. He made dozens of rubs and a myriad of marinades. Sometimes the true mad scientist in him would emerge and he would push the envelope and mix volatile spices together just to see what would happen. Needless to say, the building had to be evacuated more than just once! Thank goodness for that industrial ventilation system in the hood! After hours of work preparing the meat with injections, rubs, and marinades, the ribs were slow smoked for hours and hours. We finally Ate at 8:30! 7 hours of work for super ribs! Can you imagine! Caramelized smoky crust, so succulent that the juices would freely run down the side of your mouth, so tender the luscious meat simply falls of the bone! You don’t even need any teeth!

If being experimented on is going to be like this; this little guinea pig does not want to be freed from the lab. Oink Oink Baby!


29 Jul


That opening crawl says it all! The EVIL OFFICE CAT Darth Kitty has struck again! In his continued obsession to annoy every living organism in the office, Darth Kitty has reached a new pinnacle in his unrelenting aggravation of the office personnel.  It all began very innocently, much like young Anakin Skywalker before he turned to the dark side, with irritating , all be it customary, cat issues.  
CAT HAIR all over the place! And I mean ALL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE! It just won’t stop! Cat hair on the counters, Cat hair on the computers, Cat hair on monitors, Cat hair on shelves, Cat hair on couches, Cat hair on books, Cat hair on the fridge, Cat hair IN THE FRIDGE (haven’t figured how that has happened yet), Cat hair in the Sink, Cat hair on the toilet, Cat hair on the stairs, Cat hair floating in the air! I bet you if I open a brand new, just bought from the store, bag of chips…. You guessed it! Somehow, someway, there will be cat hair in the unopened bag of Chips! I’m not sure if I am describing the cat hair situation thoroughly enough! Be as it may, there is Freaking Cat Hair EVERYWHERE!! Cough, Cough… You guessed it! More cat hair!
So one can say, “well that’s just one of the drawbacks of owning a cat”, and I would usually agree! This isn’t exactly my first rodeo! This sassy lady has been around the block a few times! Heck! MORE than a few times! I have owned my share of cats! Border lining the neighborhood Cat-lady even.  But never, and I truly mean NEVER, have I ever had to put up with this non-relenting, immeasurable, inexhaustible, boundless, endlessly vast quantities of Cat Hair!
Ok, ok… I’m an animal lover and can put up with the hair. Cause he’s such a cool office cat… Right?  Great Personality? Great Companion? Nooooope! He is the most annoying cat you can imagine! He has a very demanding personality; he will do whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it! Come and jump on the counter and meow at office guests? No problem! Go and lay down on the keyboard and exit (without saving) everything his fat behind sits on! Yuuup! Knocking everything over as he jumps from one counter to another to another! Yuuuuup! Do you see the picture here?
So what else has he done to annoy the office so much you ask? Why I will tell you! We can’t leave the front door open, at all! Anytime he sees a 6” gap opening in the front door he tries to run out to the front and eat wild grass! This is California you know! Even the evil cat DARTH KITTY wants his “medical issue grass”.  The odors that emanate from his litter box are just unholy! There’s no other way of putting it! You have never smelled such a cornucopia of odors!
Young  “Master” has vowed to defend the office from the evil Darth Kitty and tries to dissuade the evil Sith Lord from continuing  his oh so very annoying ways! However, Darth Kitty has sought many vengeful acts of revolt! He has deliberately gone and PEEED on one of the office couches! Have you ever smelled cat pee??? It’s not normal like human pee or doggie pee. Nope! This is industrial strength, cant breath without a military grade gas mask on, kind of smell.  It is pungent and incredibly overpowering! Yet the rebel office alliance, under the leadership of young “ Master”, still endures the constant annoying assaults of Darth Kitty.
Why not get rid of the cat you ask? Well it gets complicated. Darth Kitty has his own Evil Emperor Lord. Let’s call her “TCI Emperor”. “TCI Emperor” is the only entity, because even all the doggies are pissed off at the cat that truly enjoys his company. She can tolerate the annoying hair, the running outside, the stinky poopy, even the eye watering pissed off cat pee that’s on the couch. She is his protector, his lord. Like yoda said about the Sith, “Always two there are, no more, no less. A lord and an apprentice”

The Latest act of aggression from Darth Kitty was yesterday. As if it’s not bad enough that he has his cat hair all over the place, tries to escape anytime the door is opened, has toxic poop, pees on the couch and clothing as revenge, we have discovered a new weapon of the empire!

CLAWS! DARTH KITTY CAT CLAWS! Used ever so consistently to make holes in the black leather chairs in the front entrance to the building… Fucking Cat! He couldn’t have picked a more expensive scratch post? Maybe this is precursor of things to come. Like the Death Star under reconstruction! Is Darth Kitty Sharpening his claws, his weapons, in anticipation of future battles? What evil plan does the empire and DARTH Kitty have in store for the rebel office alliance?

Tune in to the next episode




Humming Stars wars theme: Nah Nah ,Nah Nah, Nah Nah .  Na Na Na Naaaaa Na. Na na na Naaaaaa na. Na Na Na Naaaaaaa na. na na na na…

In & Out Not Just A Burger

22 Jun

The office cat is out to get us! He is a very spoiled cat that demands attention and his needs and wants must be taken care of NOW!
Because he likes to jump onto counters and knock stuff off at night, I put him away in one of the office rooms.  But he didn’t like it at all and had learned to open the door from the inside.  So I started locking it.

The Cat thought this is NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL! He decided to let us know by peeing on the couch that’s in that office. I got the message loud and clear.
Last night I decided to leave him in the reception area so he can lay on the counters.  I closed all the other office doors, even the one he used to be put away in. This morning we found out what he thought about that idea…… He opened the door to his old room got inside and pee’d again!