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You’ve Got Mail….. Paprika

9 Jul

We adopted Paprika on Oct 2009 when she was around 12 or so weeks old never knowing her actual birthday we decided that the whole month of July is Paprika’s Birthday.  For her birthday month she gets to pick what to watch on TV and choose what’s for dinner. Needles to say Master has started to get very creative with chicken and kibble.  So far we’ve had chicken sandwiches with kibble chips ( he wont tell me how he turned the kibble into chips, Chef secret! he said), Chinese chicken  with the kibble used as croutons, chicken soup with kibble crumbs, fried chicken with kibbles and gravy and I believe tomorrow is chicken and kibble pot pie.  Only 21 more days of chicken to go, August can’t come soon enough!

Paprika this year received an extra surprise, Gina the Min Pin Paprika’s Twitter buddy sent her a birthday gift. Below you’ll find a couple of pictures of Paprika and her gifts.


Paprika here: I  would like to thank Gina with a big wet kiss and  a lady like butt sniff.

I also  would  like to remind everyone that there is still time to send me a card or gift.  I’m not to snooty to appreciate belated  gifts either. Winking smile 

Woof woof for now xoxoxo,


P.S In case you are wondering what I chose to put on my Netflix queue  so far I have Puss in Boots, Felix the Cat, Garfield the Movie, Garfield: A tail of two kitties, Phineas and Ferb ( Perry the platypus make me BOL, that’s bark out loud) Dog the Bounty Hounter but I believe the title is deceiving, we watched one episode I never saw a dog in it! Oh and the 7th season of House M.D.  I like to stay current on illnesses you never know when I’ll be out walking and someone might yell “Is there a Dr. in the house?”  They say a dogs love and tongue lick is the best medicine and I never leave home with either one.



Thank You For My Care Package

6 Jul

Care package

Happy Birthday

14 Mar


I can’t believe that 16 years can go by so quickly yet here I am wishing my one and only daughter a Happy 16th Birthday.

Dear CC:

I wanted to give you a special gift, In a kind and unique way since it is your sweet sixteen I thought I’d do something special. So I took a jet  around the world, just the other day. I racked my head with gift ideas things you might just like, I saw  jewelry, cool clothing , gadgets and what not’s. But I just couldn’t make up my mind between rubys and a yacht. I thought I’d bring you home a pet, maybe a panda, a giraffe or a bat named Amanda.
But you can find those anywhere, plus a great pet caretaker you are not.  I was really on a mission as  I traveled through the world, I even fell off of a donkey, got chased by shark and licked by a monkey. When I got back I  realized the perfect gift for you could be found right here at home.  Just you and me together all day alone.

Happy 16th Birthday Tremendo.



I suppose I could have taken you with me and  that would have been a great gift.


If I really had gone don’t you think I wouldn’t have just given you money silly girl!

Happy Birthday to ME!

16 Feb

It’s my Birthday today (Feb 16th) and I’m celebrating 21 long years plus the other 17 years that went by to fast of being alive.

Lets see what’s going on  at 38……..

It seems to me that my body aches more,  my muffin top is bigger, I  jiggle more, my boobies are a little more down to earth. No that doesn’t mean  that they are modest, friendlier or more approachable breasts, more like they are now closer to the floor then to the sky. My skin feels softer but with less elasticity. I think I’m also starting to sport cankles  not sure cause the muffin top blocks my view.

Jeez….. If this is how I feel and look now then what will it be like at 40? I’m only 2 years shy from it you know.

I really don’t see the bright side of this post anymore what exactly am I celebrating? 


Oh yeah! It’s my excuse to get Master to cook me some awesome Lamb chops, and eat as much cake as I want without feeling guilty.

So Happy Birthday to Me!



Just letting you know that once you have read this post I will be expecting a gift from you next year. You no longer have the excuse of not knowing when my birthday is.

And for those who did know about my birthday I ask you this “Where is my gift and when should I expect it?”