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And the Oscar goes to…..

29 Mar


Were you expecting me to announce someone else? Silly people! Why else would I post a blog about awards if isn’t about moi. Well… can you believe that I was awarded not 1 not 2 but 3 blogger awards. Yaaaa…..

Twice for being the sweet gal that I am. I tell you eating all that ice-cream, candy and cake has finally paid off.

Then wouldn’t you know it, I get a Memetastic Award! I’m not sure what this award  is exactly for.  I first thought it was for having fantastic mammary. They are rather nice, but I think the award is for something else! Never the less, since it makes me feel fantastically special… I’ll take it!

 The Incredibly Sweet Award (X2)


This award was passed on to me by Marina Sleeps this is what she had to say “Cause seriously this might be all she knows. Plus she is funny as hell and she likes me. Double points.” 

Yes Marina I try my best to be funny but about liking you… well you sort of make it hard not to like you.

The second person to also honor me with the same award is Suucudesal5’s Blog. She had this to say about me “I enjoy her. She blogs about real shit like kids and family and daily stuff. I love that she dedicated a blog to being bored and what she found on line while being bored.” 

I’m happy that you have enjoyed my posts! However,  aren’t you even more happier that I don’t blog about kid’s shit? And how could I pass a post about being bored. We all get bored sometime during the day, to which I’m sure we  have all asked ourselves, now what can I do?

So thank you both for thinking I’m sweet enough to deserve this award! Now.. the rules are as followed

1. Display award 2. State 5 truths about myself  3. Give this award to 5 other  people

State 5 “truths’” about myself 

  1. I have a terrible addiction to ice. Real Ice! Not methamphetamines! I can crunch on ice all day till my jaws and teeth start hurting. I’m pretty sure all the ice chomping is prematurely grinding and sharpening my teeth! but I can’t stop. I wonder why I loose so so many boyfriends?
  2. I have a fish and fly eye phobia. Just typing this now is giving me the ibby chibbies….. ewwwww
  3. I cry like a baby when it comes to animals.  I’m a big animal lover; not to be confused with a crazy pet lover. I consider my doggies truly part of my family!
  4. I’m an almost borderline hoarder! I can’t get myself to throw things away. I can make up very creative excuses to keep functional yet unneeded stuff.
  5. It really upsets me when people automatically speak to me in Spanish! Although I speak Spanish fluently

Now I have to pass this award to 5 other people it doesn’t state 5 other bloggers so I shall pass it on to

@GinaTheMinPin: She has been the sweetest girl on Twitter I have met so far. From the start she has always been sweet, nice, comforting a great twitter friend. animal lovers are just naturally very caring and sweet people. She was a comforting soul and was with us thru out Tiki Tiki’s passing.

Follow the Wabbit: He has the cutest blog with adventures thru the city with a rabbits point of view. Literally! The pictures are really creative and interesting.

Simply Diane: I really enjoy reading her blog. Her writing is down to earth and easy to relate to. She has been Freshly Pressed on WordPress twice now! She’s practically a celebrity.

Lets leave it at 3 and pretend it was 5 if that’s ok with you all. Now lets head to the second award I was given.

The Memetastic Award


This Memetastic award was handed over by Marina Sleeps. Again, she has nothing but nice things to say about me. “First, that name is a trip and she is funny. Plus her tweets are hilarious. I call her Hollywood.”

I’m starting to believe that Marina might have a girl crush on me. Hey don’t get me wrong, that’s fine with me! As long as she doesn’t suddenly show up outside my window wearing a gray trench coat, holding a boom box over her head, playing what she believes to be  “our song”

As a caveat for receiving a Memetastic award, I must display it and list 5 things about myself, four of which must be lies and you must try to guess which one is true. Then I must pass on the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

5 things about myself

1.  I lived in Paris for a year  just to study the fine art of cooking at Le Cordon Bleu.

2.  I truly enjoy watching people chew gum it’s a secret fetish I have

3.  When I was 13 years old, I lived alone in Mexico for almost 5 years.

4.  My family belongs to one of the five founding NY mafia families.

5.  I’m a vegetarian.

There you have it my 4 truths and 1 lie…. Oh wait! It’s the other way around! Doesn’t matter, I could be lying about everything! So there!

Lets pass this Memetastic Award to some lucky bloggers.  I’m not going to explain why, take my word for it, they deserve it. Plus its super late I’m tired and getting cranky.

(drum roll please)

Bridget Jones Has Nothing on Me

Living Dilbert

Girl on The Contrary

The Worst Mother

Tiny Island

Ok! my commitment to you is now done. Go away and live me alone!


Happy Birthday

14 Mar


I can’t believe that 16 years can go by so quickly yet here I am wishing my one and only daughter a Happy 16th Birthday.

Dear CC:

I wanted to give you a special gift, In a kind and unique way since it is your sweet sixteen I thought I’d do something special. So I took a jet  around the world, just the other day. I racked my head with gift ideas things you might just like, I saw  jewelry, cool clothing , gadgets and what not’s. But I just couldn’t make up my mind between rubys and a yacht. I thought I’d bring you home a pet, maybe a panda, a giraffe or a bat named Amanda.
But you can find those anywhere, plus a great pet caretaker you are not.  I was really on a mission as  I traveled through the world, I even fell off of a donkey, got chased by shark and licked by a monkey. When I got back I  realized the perfect gift for you could be found right here at home.  Just you and me together all day alone.

Happy 16th Birthday Tremendo.



I suppose I could have taken you with me and  that would have been a great gift.


If I really had gone don’t you think I wouldn’t have just given you money silly girl!

I Was Bored

10 Mar


Did you know that everyday there are hundreds of people who go to Google and type in the term “I’m bored“.  I found this out because I was bored as I waited for my daughter to finish on whatever it is she was doing  in the kitchen  and I was wondering what can I do meanwhile on the internet when I’m bored. I  didn’t feel like logging onto Tweeter or checking Facebook yet again. But it turns out a lot of people are looking for fun things to do when bored .

It’s good that bored people have a lot of company; at least they’re not bored and lonely. I also found searches saying “I’m so bored.”  This should make all the “I’m bored” people feel a lot better.  They can say, “Well, at least I’m not so bored.”

And get this…..a whole lot of bored people search for stupid stuff to do when bored.  None of these people search for smart stuff to do when bored.  So does this mean that bored people are stupid?  Or does it mean that bored people are smart but just prefer to do stupid things?  Maybe doing  stupid things are much more fun than doing smart things.

So if you’re really bored, and I’m guessing you are since you are reading this right now, there is a website dedicated to things to do when your bored. I clicked on it and browsed for a bit but then I got bored and left. There  is also one called Bored To Death if you enjoy just looking at photos this one is for you.

Well now I’m bored again, so I’m off to the kitchen I believe there is still some banana cream pie left from dinner.

No Inhibitions or Int’l Spy?

3 Mar


Some where between here and there, right in the middle of no where,  you will find my sister and her two sons in hiding.

Two adorable little boys that I hardly get to see because they live with their mommy in a small town I like to call “The middle of nowhere”.  The only way I get to interact with them is via Facebook when my sister posts pictures. A couple of weeks ago she sent me an email with an attachment. As I excitedly and eagerly went to open the email, I thought to myself  hmmmm, that’s odd, she didn’t  include any information with the email. As I sat looking at the email, not yet ready to open it, I started imagining what she could have emailed me? Perhaps some naughty pictures of nude male models? Legal documents stating that I am the sole heir of our parents  secret VAST fortune? A computer virus? I don’t think I’ve upset her lately…… I know it’s the secret recipe to her pasta dish that my daughter so LOVES (Ketchup and Elbow noodles Anyone?)

Truly this email must have been very important and sent in such a hurry  that she didn’t have time to write anything else. Maybe she’s an international spy and has sent me pictures to safe guard, and perhaps leak to the press, in case anything bad happens to her. Maybe it’s  stolen plans to the a super secret new generation Soviet  Nuclear ballistic submarine? Pictures from Area 51? The real Kennedy assassin? What could it possibly be?

I begin to think that in reality, all this time that she has been “conveniently away”, she has been training in a special Int’l Spy School.  And the two kids I believe to be my nephews are her Special Op’s Team.  Now it all makes sense!!  The reason she hardly visits or, when she does grace us with her presence, it’s usually for a couple of  hours or if I’m real lucky she will stay for a day. I wonder is it because if she did stay longer then that I would eventually discover that the kids, which  I lovingly think are my nephews, are in actuality super midgets spies  in disguise!

After sitting at my desk for a few hours wondering if I should open the email or not, I finally mustered enough courage to open her attachment.  To my delighted surprise, I did find some naughty pictures! But of my youngest nephew running in the nude on the beach. Or did she send me nude pictures of one of her special ops team member, celebrating in the nude on a beach in the Mediterranean, after a successful over throw of an abusive dictator? Huh! Both Egypt and Libya are on the Mediterranean aren’t they?   I guess I’ll never really know. But just in case the midget spies get a hold of this blog……… Viva La Resistance!!!!

               photo 2                                         photo 1