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Wicked A Wickedly Awesome Musical

24 Jun


Yesterday my daughter and I had the pleasure to enjoy our very first musical! Our choice was non other then Wicked which is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre, from June 20 to July 15.

Based on the best-selling 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, WICKED, is the untold story of the witches of Oz.

Long before Dorothy drops in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One – born with emerald-green skin – is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of their remarkable odyssey, and how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. 

We had the time of our lives I can’t stop raving about it, the lights, the costumes, the songs, the music everything was amazing! If you have the opportunity to watch this musical I highly recommend it. The only thing I will complain about are the prices for their merchandise.  Plus the people who were sitting behind us kept complaining about not knowing that it was a musical and they couldn’t make out the words. Oh well maybe next time they should read the description of the show first.

Needless to say both my daughter and I are now fans of musicals.The next musical I’d like to watch is Mama Mia but my daughter says we first must go see Phantom of the Opera, we shall see about that. Sarcastic smile

I’m sharing a couple of pictures from our trip to San Diego and of the show sorry they aren’t the best pictures but we weren’t suppose to actually take pictures. 



P.S. I now see The Wizard Of Oz in a whole new way.


Spring Concert?

6 Jun

If you follow me on Twitter then you might know that last Thursday I went to one of my daughter’s school Spring Concert. My teen is in Advance Band and plays the Saxophone on footballs off season. During football season she plays the bass drums in Marching Band.

I’ll be the first to admit these kids are not in way the future players of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra nor will we find the next Justin Beiber  here at her school.

While the kids did try their best and  we as parents/fellow students and audience should have given them the proper courtesy and attention they deserved. It was astonishing how rude people were acting. Would it have killed anyone to shut the hell up! To sit quietly and listen to the music, granted at times it sounded more like cats in heat were singing on stage and maybe  the noise made while  washing pots and pans produce better rhythm. But still the kids deserved a better audience!

Really,  I’ve never wanted to punch people more then that night. Yeah, I’m sure whatever was in the crack between the ceiling and the wall to your left was much more interesting than your son or daughter playing on stage, and certainly  the loud comments hollered across the auditorium were much more important then the kids performance.

I know personally  I was really  impressed by the loud bubble gum smacking and popping abilities someone in the audience was sharing with us all.

While I am a fan of being able to speak your mind and speak freely, I’m not a fan of doing so rudely or acting like a jack ass at school events or any sort of event that is to be enjoyed.

I did get to record my daughter’s band playing and have posted it on YouTube to share with family and friends. Don’t worry I wont hold it against you if you don’t watch it, but come Christmas time don’t expect a gift from me  in the mail Smile


27 May

A conversation with Chococat

Don’t miss the secret clip.

Game Called Life

3 Nov

There is just something about this song that gets me. It’s the theme song for Showtimes TV show “The Big C” 

Song Title: Game Called Life

Artist: Leftover Cuties

Friday Friday Friday!

27 Aug

Do you know what today is?  It’s Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday, FRIDAAAY!

What does Friday mean to you? For some it means that tonight you’ll jump start the weekend by hitting some cool places to get your drinking on.

For me, ultimately, Friday means the beginning of a two day holiday! Woohoo!!  A super-duper, mind numbing, deliciously scrumptious, yummy, delectable, mouthwatering, almost orgasmic Master’s patented Super Saturday Dinner. I’m drooling as I write.  Sundays are reserved for some much needed rest and relaxation to recoup from the stress of the entire week not to mention digestion of the Saturdays feast. In honor of my most favorite business day of the week; I give you a little Friday song.

Have a great weekend, you can tell me all about it on Monday.

Play It For Me One More Time

29 Jun

For the past week SiSi has been continuously playing the same Youtube video while we sit at the computers in the front office. Both of us clearly very occupied; I’m Facebooking and she’s Myspaceing.  As we mindlessly type away, in the back ground you can hear the same video being played over and over and over and over again.   I keep telling her she is going to get bored of it soon!  If not her then definitely I am!  I guess I shouldn’t complain, it could be worse, way worse! She could be listening to one of those heavy metal bands like Love by Gojira or Her Ghost in the Fog by Cradle of Filth.  If you don’t know who they are, go to Youtube and at your own risk listen to them.

I’m too much of a nice person to subject you to such noise.

You can thank me later.

 Here is the video she has been making me listen to……..