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Hot Sweaty Dirty Girl

8 Jan

Things are about to get right down dirty and sweaty here.


I’m such a wild party girl! While you guys continue to enjoy your weekend  I will be cleaning.  Yay me!


Classy and Stylish

17 Aug

(clearing throat) ummm…. Here I am. Sitting in front of my computer, wondering what the hell I have to be funny about today.

It was hot as hell! Or maybe it just felt that way because I drive around in a car without air! Making me look veryI think it brings out the color of my eyes. Classy and stylish with my glistering pearls of sweat running down my bright (tomato red) smiling face.

Okay…… Okay, humor seems to have deserted me for the moment. Maybe once I cool down.

Stop Stealing Kisses!

15 Jul

Master & Tiki Tiki 7/15/2010

Anytime I have to leave, the office, and risk my life on the road. Master gets to babysit Tiki Tiki for me. Master keeps me posted via text how Tiki Tik is doing throughout the day, lately he has been using pictures to show me how well they are getting along. So while I’m out driving in a car so hot that I can feel my skin melting, Master and Tiki TIki are at the office documenting their new love.

Master and Tiki Tiki 7/7/2010


I think he is trying to steal Tiki Tiki’s love away from me.  I need to put an end to this! I know he is an adorable, irresistible, cute little guy, but come on Master already has Tinckle and Peanut (and don’t think I don’t know about Paprika) to carry and kiss all day. Now he has to steal Tiki Tiki too?

If it weren’t so HOT these days,  I’d take Tiki Tiki with me everywhere.  You just wait till it cools down. No more stealing kisses from me!