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Wicked A Wickedly Awesome Musical

24 Jun


Yesterday my daughter and I had the pleasure to enjoy our very first musical! Our choice was non other then Wicked which is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre, from June 20 to July 15.

Based on the best-selling 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, WICKED, is the untold story of the witches of Oz.

Long before Dorothy drops in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One – born with emerald-green skin – is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of their remarkable odyssey, and how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. 

We had the time of our lives I can’t stop raving about it, the lights, the costumes, the songs, the music everything was amazing! If you have the opportunity to watch this musical I highly recommend it. The only thing I will complain about are the prices for their merchandise.  Plus the people who were sitting behind us kept complaining about not knowing that it was a musical and they couldn’t make out the words. Oh well maybe next time they should read the description of the show first.

Needless to say both my daughter and I are now fans of musicals.The next musical I’d like to watch is Mama Mia but my daughter says we first must go see Phantom of the Opera, we shall see about that. Sarcastic smile

I’m sharing a couple of pictures from our trip to San Diego and of the show sorry they aren’t the best pictures but we weren’t suppose to actually take pictures. 



P.S. I now see The Wizard Of Oz in a whole new way.


No Inhibitions or Int’l Spy?

3 Mar


Some where between here and there, right in the middle of no where,  you will find my sister and her two sons in hiding.

Two adorable little boys that I hardly get to see because they live with their mommy in a small town I like to call “The middle of nowhere”.  The only way I get to interact with them is via Facebook when my sister posts pictures. A couple of weeks ago she sent me an email with an attachment. As I excitedly and eagerly went to open the email, I thought to myself  hmmmm, that’s odd, she didn’t  include any information with the email. As I sat looking at the email, not yet ready to open it, I started imagining what she could have emailed me? Perhaps some naughty pictures of nude male models? Legal documents stating that I am the sole heir of our parents  secret VAST fortune? A computer virus? I don’t think I’ve upset her lately…… I know it’s the secret recipe to her pasta dish that my daughter so LOVES (Ketchup and Elbow noodles Anyone?)

Truly this email must have been very important and sent in such a hurry  that she didn’t have time to write anything else. Maybe she’s an international spy and has sent me pictures to safe guard, and perhaps leak to the press, in case anything bad happens to her. Maybe it’s  stolen plans to the a super secret new generation Soviet  Nuclear ballistic submarine? Pictures from Area 51? The real Kennedy assassin? What could it possibly be?

I begin to think that in reality, all this time that she has been “conveniently away”, she has been training in a special Int’l Spy School.  And the two kids I believe to be my nephews are her Special Op’s Team.  Now it all makes sense!!  The reason she hardly visits or, when she does grace us with her presence, it’s usually for a couple of  hours or if I’m real lucky she will stay for a day. I wonder is it because if she did stay longer then that I would eventually discover that the kids, which  I lovingly think are my nephews, are in actuality super midgets spies  in disguise!

After sitting at my desk for a few hours wondering if I should open the email or not, I finally mustered enough courage to open her attachment.  To my delighted surprise, I did find some naughty pictures! But of my youngest nephew running in the nude on the beach. Or did she send me nude pictures of one of her special ops team member, celebrating in the nude on a beach in the Mediterranean, after a successful over throw of an abusive dictator? Huh! Both Egypt and Libya are on the Mediterranean aren’t they?   I guess I’ll never really know. But just in case the midget spies get a hold of this blog……… Viva La Resistance!!!!

               photo 2                                         photo 1

Ensenada Pictures

14 Sep

I have been working on the best way to show everyone my pictures from Ensenada after much sleepless nights I believe I’ve finally have it!

Now you might want to go make yourself a margarita before you hit play. Do you have your drink yet? Ok sit back and enjoy.

Coming Soon……

7 Sep


I have tons of pictures from my little trip to Ensenada. I’ll try to post them by tomorrow.

Little table stand at La Buffadora. Aren't the colors so pretty?

My iPhone 4 Affair Part1

6 Aug

Now that I’ve spent some quality time with the iPhone 4 I’m still not sure if I completely love it or not.

The overall sleek look is awesome! Well that is if you can tell that it’s an iPhone 4! I’m so paranoid about scratching it that I have a super ugly, ill-fitting plastic cover from the iPhone 3G on it.  It’s one of those pet peeves of mine!  I never like to remove the nice protective plastic film that wraps most new electronics.  I prefer to use electronic devises with the factory protective film on it. Suffice it to say, my new iPhone not only has the protective film on the front and the back, but the 3G cover as well! Like using two condoms at once one might say. Better safe than sorry!  Huh, Master likes to use his bare! No protection at all!!  (O.o)! So, in reality, I really can’t enjoy the sleek new design and most people can’t even tell it’s the new iPhone 4! So much for bragging rights! I had my iphone4 before most…. Beyoootch! Maybe once I get the bumper others can see how cool I am.

The camera on the iPhone 4 is a huge upgrade.  It is much much better than the camera on the 3G. The most notable feature, aside from it now being 5 megapixel resolution, is that there is much less shutter lag when taking shots. This comes in handy since the doggies won’t pose for me and I can more effectively sneak taking pictures of all the random weird people at Costco.  The pictures seem much prettier.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the camera or the new display, which now features more pixels than your eyes, can register on the screen, making everything sharper and clearer.  The other super cool feature is the high definition videos one can take on the go! It’s simply amazing! I remember the first VHS camcorders that were thousands of dollars and the size of full movie cameras back in the day. Now it all fits in your pocket and I can now take endless cute videos of Tiki Tiki and the rest of the gang with my phone!

I get bored easily. Really easily… some might say I have ADD. Ohh! I just remembered a killer muffin receipe! Darn there I ago again off track… you see!!! So, because I’m a woman with the ability to multitask, I think it is great to be able to listen to Pandora while checking my e-mail or surfing the Internet.  Much like a monogamous relationship, who wants to do just one thing at a time anyways!

To be continued……

Random Tiki Tiki Pictures

15 Jul

My name is Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo but you can call me Tiki Tiki for short.

Tiki Tiki at 4weeks

Tiki Tiki at 7 weeks

Tiki Tiki Sleeping ....Again

His favorite sleeping place