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I Was Bored

10 Mar


Did you know that everyday there are hundreds of people who go to Google and type in the term “I’m bored“.  I found this out because I was bored as I waited for my daughter to finish on whatever it is she was doing  in the kitchen  and I was wondering what can I do meanwhile on the internet when I’m bored. I  didn’t feel like logging onto Tweeter or checking Facebook yet again. But it turns out a lot of people are looking for fun things to do when bored .

It’s good that bored people have a lot of company; at least they’re not bored and lonely. I also found searches saying “I’m so bored.”  This should make all the “I’m bored” people feel a lot better.  They can say, “Well, at least I’m not so bored.”

And get this…..a whole lot of bored people search for stupid stuff to do when bored.  None of these people search for smart stuff to do when bored.  So does this mean that bored people are stupid?  Or does it mean that bored people are smart but just prefer to do stupid things?  Maybe doing  stupid things are much more fun than doing smart things.

So if you’re really bored, and I’m guessing you are since you are reading this right now, there is a website dedicated to things to do when your bored. I clicked on it and browsed for a bit but then I got bored and left. There  is also one called Bored To Death if you enjoy just looking at photos this one is for you.

Well now I’m bored again, so I’m off to the kitchen I believe there is still some banana cream pie left from dinner.


Who Is This Man?

20 Jul

Ha Ha Ha ha….. I will be laughing all the way to the bakery with Master’s Credit Card.  Master enjoys reading post on MBWorld.org  a Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast Discussion Forum. Today while he was browsing thru the posts, I as always was nosely looking over his shoulder, I mentioned to him that I really liked one of the members signature picture.  

Me: That’s Tony Soprano, right, the actor whats his name

Master: James Gandolfini?

Me: yeah him

Master: You’re crazy, thats not him! Thats the guy from the movie Hit Men.

Me: No it’s not it’s the Sopranos guy!

Master: It’s the guy or one of the guys from Hit Men, this guy looks too thin to be James Gandolfini.

Me: Nope its the Tony Soprano actor

Master: You want to bet on it?

Me: Ok… what?

Master:  Whatever you want.

Me: Ok a pie!

Master: Get ready to lose.

So we both started searching online to find out who this person is. After about 15 mins online and a heated converstation as to who this man was.  We find out that I was RIGHT! Of course I was right I never doubted it!  ok maybe just for a minute…  I know we could have just IM’d the member and asked him but whats the fun in that?

Master when your done reading this please hand over your credit card…………

I’m off to get me some pie.