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Wordless Wednesday

9 May




I’ve waited 2 years to see this smile


A Tan and Freckles

15 Aug


This summer I have found myself  going to the beach almost every weekend. It has helped me a bit to get out of my usual daily routine. But I have come across a small problem or two, you see I’m normally very light skin so I burn/tan very easily and have now found myself looking more like George Hamilton and Snooki then the Pkitass we have all come to know and love.  The sun also causes me to pop out more freckles, *pop* see there’s a new one now *pop* and there’s another one.

Even my sister this past weekend commented on how dark I looked and that I had way to many more freckles.

Evilo: Daaaamn……..pretty soon you’re just going to be one big freckle.

Me: Yeah, *sigh* thanks I love you too.

Yes, I lather on the sun block every time I go out. I’ve gone so far as to purchase a 100 spf sunblock for my face but I don’t think its working *pop* dam it! stupid freckles stop it already. *pop*

So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my regular skin color back? Maybe an old country remedy to remove freckles? Bleach, sandpaper, lemon? at this point I’ll try anything just don’t ask me to stop going to the beach.

*pop, pop, pop* I give up!

Ensenada Adventure

9 Aug


So this weekend I drove down to Ensenada Baja California Mex. to visit my sister and her kids. I won’t bore you all with the details but let just say the drive there took 4 hrs and the drive back was 7 hrs! My sister can’t say I don’t love her. 11 hours of my precious weekend wasted just so I can see my lovely sister and nephews.






So what do you think we did with the little precious time that we had?

Well go planking of course!

Have you heard about Planking? Planking is the new craze sweeping across the states, why even Hugh Hefner has planked. Planking consists of  lying flat on your stomach with your arms and hands by your side and your legs and feet pointed straight out.  Usually someone else will then  take a photo and post it on  social networking sites.

It seems harmless enough right? Actually it’s a very dangerous act. A man in Australia plunged to his death from a 7th story balcony. Police said the man, in his 20s, fell from a balcony railing in Brisbane while a friend photographed him attempting a planking stunt.


Yeah we got a couple of odd looks from people but who cares we were having fun!



I also caught my sister’s kissing her new boyfriend.




Till next time!



Spring Concert?

6 Jun

If you follow me on Twitter then you might know that last Thursday I went to one of my daughter’s school Spring Concert. My teen is in Advance Band and plays the Saxophone on footballs off season. During football season she plays the bass drums in Marching Band.

I’ll be the first to admit these kids are not in way the future players of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra nor will we find the next Justin Beiber  here at her school.

While the kids did try their best and  we as parents/fellow students and audience should have given them the proper courtesy and attention they deserved. It was astonishing how rude people were acting. Would it have killed anyone to shut the hell up! To sit quietly and listen to the music, granted at times it sounded more like cats in heat were singing on stage and maybe  the noise made while  washing pots and pans produce better rhythm. But still the kids deserved a better audience!

Really,  I’ve never wanted to punch people more then that night. Yeah, I’m sure whatever was in the crack between the ceiling and the wall to your left was much more interesting than your son or daughter playing on stage, and certainly  the loud comments hollered across the auditorium were much more important then the kids performance.

I know personally  I was really  impressed by the loud bubble gum smacking and popping abilities someone in the audience was sharing with us all.

While I am a fan of being able to speak your mind and speak freely, I’m not a fan of doing so rudely or acting like a jack ass at school events or any sort of event that is to be enjoyed.

I did get to record my daughter’s band playing and have posted it on YouTube to share with family and friends. Don’t worry I wont hold it against you if you don’t watch it, but come Christmas time don’t expect a gift from me  in the mail Smile

Happy Birthday

14 Mar


I can’t believe that 16 years can go by so quickly yet here I am wishing my one and only daughter a Happy 16th Birthday.

Dear CC:

I wanted to give you a special gift, In a kind and unique way since it is your sweet sixteen I thought I’d do something special. So I took a jet  around the world, just the other day. I racked my head with gift ideas things you might just like, I saw  jewelry, cool clothing , gadgets and what not’s. But I just couldn’t make up my mind between rubys and a yacht. I thought I’d bring you home a pet, maybe a panda, a giraffe or a bat named Amanda.
But you can find those anywhere, plus a great pet caretaker you are not.  I was really on a mission as  I traveled through the world, I even fell off of a donkey, got chased by shark and licked by a monkey. When I got back I  realized the perfect gift for you could be found right here at home.  Just you and me together all day alone.

Happy 16th Birthday Tremendo.



I suppose I could have taken you with me and  that would have been a great gift.


If I really had gone don’t you think I wouldn’t have just given you money silly girl!

No Inhibitions or Int’l Spy?

3 Mar


Some where between here and there, right in the middle of no where,  you will find my sister and her two sons in hiding.

Two adorable little boys that I hardly get to see because they live with their mommy in a small town I like to call “The middle of nowhere”.  The only way I get to interact with them is via Facebook when my sister posts pictures. A couple of weeks ago she sent me an email with an attachment. As I excitedly and eagerly went to open the email, I thought to myself  hmmmm, that’s odd, she didn’t  include any information with the email. As I sat looking at the email, not yet ready to open it, I started imagining what she could have emailed me? Perhaps some naughty pictures of nude male models? Legal documents stating that I am the sole heir of our parents  secret VAST fortune? A computer virus? I don’t think I’ve upset her lately…… I know it’s the secret recipe to her pasta dish that my daughter so LOVES (Ketchup and Elbow noodles Anyone?)

Truly this email must have been very important and sent in such a hurry  that she didn’t have time to write anything else. Maybe she’s an international spy and has sent me pictures to safe guard, and perhaps leak to the press, in case anything bad happens to her. Maybe it’s  stolen plans to the a super secret new generation Soviet  Nuclear ballistic submarine? Pictures from Area 51? The real Kennedy assassin? What could it possibly be?

I begin to think that in reality, all this time that she has been “conveniently away”, she has been training in a special Int’l Spy School.  And the two kids I believe to be my nephews are her Special Op’s Team.  Now it all makes sense!!  The reason she hardly visits or, when she does grace us with her presence, it’s usually for a couple of  hours or if I’m real lucky she will stay for a day. I wonder is it because if she did stay longer then that I would eventually discover that the kids, which  I lovingly think are my nephews, are in actuality super midgets spies  in disguise!

After sitting at my desk for a few hours wondering if I should open the email or not, I finally mustered enough courage to open her attachment.  To my delighted surprise, I did find some naughty pictures! But of my youngest nephew running in the nude on the beach. Or did she send me nude pictures of one of her special ops team member, celebrating in the nude on a beach in the Mediterranean, after a successful over throw of an abusive dictator? Huh! Both Egypt and Libya are on the Mediterranean aren’t they?   I guess I’ll never really know. But just in case the midget spies get a hold of this blog……… Viva La Resistance!!!!

               photo 2                                         photo 1

Gobble Gobble….

23 Nov


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  We have two more days this week  before Thanksgiving .   What a wonderful holiday.  We dedicate an entire day to eating as much Turkey as possible! Yay! I know I, I know its also a day of sharing with others just how thankful we are for them and how thankful we are for the great blessing we have received over that last year.  But really we all know its about the Turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes and gravy, the buttery bread rolls, the cranberry sauce, the Ham, the Lake to late and a pumpkin pie oh did I mention the TURKEY!

This year will be Tiki Tiki’s first Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to see him sitting at the table enjoying his first Thanksgiving feast. Needless to say there will be many many pictures of him and the turkey, him eating the turkey the turkey eating him and him inside the turkey! Ha ha ha that would be a sight!

We want to wish you all a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday (don’t forget my gift)

Band Camp?

7 Oct

Oh me Oh my! Will it ever stop? Sisi, my daughter, is soon going to be too cool to be seen with me. Not only does she wear braces and glasses but now she decided to join the coolest click in school.  Can you guess which one if I tell you she will be wearing a uniform with a gold color sash across her chest and a hat with a feather in it? Yes it’s true my SiSi is a total band geek and she is pretty excited about being one.  She is already talking about going to band camp! I’m a bit worried and concerned? All I can think about is that girl from American Pie and what she did in band camp. Should I expect her to start every sentence with “and then this one time in band camp”


School Band Member

Coming Soon……

7 Sep


I have tons of pictures from my little trip to Ensenada. I’ll try to post them by tomorrow.

Little table stand at La Buffadora. Aren't the colors so pretty?

Labor Day Trip for Master’s Gift?

3 Sep

Happy Labor Weekend Day

I wish you all have a great Labor Day weekend. May this Labor Day be even better than last year and your tummies be filled with great food, and awesome drinks.

As for me I’ll be soaking up some much needed sun on the beaches of Ensenada in Baja California! Ya baby! I’m taking a little trip south of the border. And I’m planning on having a great little vacation. Well I’m hoping it will be a great trip. Who knows what will happen this weekend, I’m not taking this trip alone. Nope! With me will be my daughter, which is no big deal, but also in this little adventure will be my mother, father, my sister and her two little boys. The whole family together is a recipe for disaster.  Heads will be butting, tempers and voices will rise, attitudes spewed, and children will be crying.  Like most family outings, things will inevitably get ugly. Where to eat? What to buy Master? What to eat? What to buy Master? What to do next? What to buy Master? Who sleeps where? What to buy Master? Who’s watching the children? What to buy Master? Hey… Where are the children? Yikes!!! Did I mention what to buy Master?  As I’m writing this I’m starting to get cold feet, maybe it’s not that great of an idea to take this trip.

Like a lot of other families, distance somehow helps us love each other even more.  Bottom line is that family is family and we get together only once or twice a year, so I’ll do my best to keep the peace.

On a side note I’ll be back with lots of pictures to share with you all!

Master decide to share some input in this post, can you guess what?