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Sex and Drinking

21 Feb

I recently started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager with my daughter. I can’t honestly say that I’m enjoying it. I feel like I’m watching an after school special with funding provided jointly by Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church. The writers worked tirelessly to provide every single angle on the subject of teen sexuality that it came off as obvious, bland and almost preachy. Not to mention that they make teen pregnancy look easy peasy. I asked my daughter who is 15 what she thought about it her reply “Well they make it look like it might be tough in the beginning but in the end it all works out fine like any teenage girl can have a baby without worrying about anything,  I get the feeling that everyone my age is out having sex already with whoever they can”
Needless to say we had a little chat about teen sex and pregnancy. She is not allowed to have any sort of sex till she is 30! And there is no room for negotiation. Thirty! Your hear me, I said Thirty young lady! (that’s for my daughter just in case she reading this) If you’ aren’t my daughter go ahead and have sex whenever you want.

What I do believe the show offers is a good drinking game.  The word “Sex” gets tossed around so much that it’s ridiculous! A typical conversation will go like this:

Girl:  Sex? Want to try sex?

Boy: Sex with me? You are offering me sex?

Girl: Yes sex, sex with you who else would I have sex with?

Boy: You think we are ready to have Sex? If you’re not ready for sex we can do other kind of sex.

You get the point. Its sex, sex, sex, sex, sex and more sex.  So from now on when watching this show keep your ears open to the word SEX. If you are an adult then you should toss back a shot of (insert your choice of liqueur here)  for every time  someone on the shows  says “SEX”. Believe me you’ll end up with alcohol poisoning after watching just one episode or maybe becoming an alcoholic after one season.


Happy Birthday to ME!

16 Feb

It’s my Birthday today (Feb 16th) and I’m celebrating 21 long years plus the other 17 years that went by to fast of being alive.

Lets see what’s going on  at 38……..

It seems to me that my body aches more,  my muffin top is bigger, I  jiggle more, my boobies are a little more down to earth. No that doesn’t mean  that they are modest, friendlier or more approachable breasts, more like they are now closer to the floor then to the sky. My skin feels softer but with less elasticity. I think I’m also starting to sport cankles  not sure cause the muffin top blocks my view.

Jeez….. If this is how I feel and look now then what will it be like at 40? I’m only 2 years shy from it you know.

I really don’t see the bright side of this post anymore what exactly am I celebrating? 


Oh yeah! It’s my excuse to get Master to cook me some awesome Lamb chops, and eat as much cake as I want without feeling guilty.

So Happy Birthday to Me!



Just letting you know that once you have read this post I will be expecting a gift from you next year. You no longer have the excuse of not knowing when my birthday is.

And for those who did know about my birthday I ask you this “Where is my gift and when should I expect it?”

A Tiki Tiki Tribute

8 Feb

For the past two months I have been working on making a video to honor Little Tiki Tiki. It took me a long time to complete because I was only able to work on it for a couple of days at a time. I found myself crying to much as I went thru hundreds upon hundreds of the pictures we had taken of  him ……  On a good day I would go thru the photos trying to choose the best ones of him then  I would start to feel the warmth of my tears running down my face and the tightening of my chest to the point that I would have to stop working on my project and take some time off, days later I would find myself able to come back and continue working on the video having to stop once again because I just couldn’t handle the pain.

I did finally finish his video and this is the end result.