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Band Camp?

7 Oct

Oh me Oh my! Will it ever stop? Sisi, my daughter, is soon going to be too cool to be seen with me. Not only does she wear braces and glasses but now she decided to join the coolest click in school.  Can you guess which one if I tell you she will be wearing a uniform with a gold color sash across her chest and a hat with a feather in it? Yes it’s true my SiSi is a total band geek and she is pretty excited about being one.  She is already talking about going to band camp! I’m a bit worried and concerned? All I can think about is that girl from American Pie and what she did in band camp. Should I expect her to start every sentence with “and then this one time in band camp”


School Band Member


The Cool Kid On The Block

24 Jul
Its official! SiSi is a proud member of the “Cool Kids” (giggeling uncontrollably! Ha ha ha! Cool kids) I, like most of you know, since you read my blog religiously, have been taking SiSi to consult an orthodontist these past few weeks. Well…..enough with the consultations! Today was the day of days we went in to have her braces installed.  She told me yesterday that she was excited and scared at the same time. She had major concerns that she wouldn’t look cool enough to fit in with the rest of the Cool crowd, and only slightly concerned about the pain factor.  Can you imagine! She was so excited to get her braces that she even woke up on her own! I didn’t have to kick her out of bed or pour water on her like I usually do every day.  What’s next? She’s going to start craving broccoli? This girl was clearly not my daughter! She was up, showered and ready to go before I was.

At the orthodontist, before the installation of the medieval metal mouth torture pieces, we were given a little lesson about how to care for the braces and what she can and cannot eat.  I did get a laugh or two when she was told about how to care for the head gear, the look on her face was priceless. Her eyes popped out and in an expression of downright shock descended upon her face; I could tell she was ready to back out.  “No one had ever mentioned about wearing headgear” she protested irritably.  Good thing she doesn’t need to use headgear at all, it’s just something they say in their speech.

After almost 3hours sitting in the reception area, with a quick in and out visit from Chula, and withholding the urge to answer their phones (they sound just like the phones at work), Sisi finally came out all smiles and so very proud of her new braces!!!! He He He…. Im still giggeling about her thinking she’s a cool kid!!!!

one cool kid

Braces & Glasses

13 Jul

Chula is in town again today, to play the role of daddy Warbucks for the benefit of Sisi’s orthodontic care.

For as long as I can remember Sisi has wanted glasses and braces. In my day if you wore glasses you’d get teased and made fun, now combine that with braces; you now have a never ending tease fest. Thank goodness I never needed either one. It was bad enough to be teased about my freckles. So are glasses and braces now a new kid fad? I have seen some of Sisi’s friends wear fake glasses and the thicker the rim of the glasses the cooler you are. Sisi unforuntaly takes after her blind as a bat aunt Evilo and really needs to wear glasses.  

So today is her first appointment at the orthodontist, I already know she will get her wish for braces.  Her teeth really do need some cosmetic help.  Although I’m not looking forward to all the complaining from her once she realizes that having braces isn’t just all looks.  I believe there will be a year or so of torturing in order to get a straight pearly white smile.  

But hey at least she will be cool looking!  

The Weekend

12 Jul

Did everyone have a great weekend?  I know I did! Saturday I had an unbelievably incredible, life altering, mind bending, melt in your mouth steak dinner, mmmmm, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious that I forgot to take a picture of it to share here.  Needless to say it was a Masters creation. 

On Sunday afternoon SiSi and her friends decide to go to the movies, it turns out that I am cool enough to be invited, and since I played my cards right I also got to drive them there.  How cool am I? So off to the movie theater we go.  We watched “Grown Ups” a comedy with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and Salma Hayek.  I must say I ended up laughing out loud several times. Sisi even asked me to keep it down. Personally, I enjoyed it lots! Or maybe it was the tub of popcorn we ate that made me giddy? Hmmm??? No I’m pretty sure it was the movie that was making me laugh.

After the movie we drove around box hunting. It’s funny how when you need a box there aren’t any around, but when you don’t, they are piled high on the sidewalk.  Once the perfect sized box was located we then swung by the McDonalds drive thru to pick up a snack (wink wink). 

Tiki Tiki enjoying a cheesburger

Tiki Tiki didn’t mind at all of our choice of snack; he jumped right into it! Num num num… he stuffed his little face with a cheese burger and a couple of fries.  Made sure there weren’t any fries left in the container, double checked in the bag.
Once he was satisfied he fell into a food coma in my arms.

Tiki Tiki making sure he didn't miss anything

Tiki Tiki inside med sized fry container from McDonalds