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Another Chococat Sighting

24 Jul

(Julie Wolfson/LAist)


Once again my beloved missing Chococat was spotted  but this time  he was seen locally here in Los Angeles.

Chococat was spotted at the Beverly Connection party to celebrate the pairing of Yogurtland and Sanrio on July 21st.

At first glance it looks like he is there at free will but don’t be fooled if you look closely enough you can see there is clearly a man behind him.


Chococat Update

8 Jul

Agent Thypolar from the special  task Force called AMEOW  (Animals Missing Everywhere Outreach Worldwide)  recently received a tip from her informants (11) and (13) this week that a Chococat might have been spotted in the Las Vegas area. It was rumored that Chococat  along with several other unidentified men were seen exiting a plane in the Las Vegas area in disguise. The informants were able to capture a picture of  of the event.


We are lead to believe that this is now the most current picture of Chococat


Agent FnkyBee and her CSI team have been assigned to this lead. She and her team will be heading to Las Vegas  to further investigate the alleged sighting.

If anyone else out there has a lead to Chococat’s whereabouts, contact me via email or leave a comment. If you are worried about getting involved you can remain anonymous.

Chococat Still at Large

27 Jun

This note was anonymously slipped on to my desk this morning.  No one seems to know who put it there or how it seemed to miraculously appear on my desk…

Highly suspect!!! Highly suspect I say!!!

Everyone in the building has this odd demeanor about them. Nothing majorly suspicious, just slightly odd and guarded. No one seems to want to look me in my eyes and most everyone seems to be somewhat avoiding me.  You know, like how everyone avoided the unpopular kid at lunchtime!

I am getting a sneaky suspicion that this might have been an inside job! I played extra nice with building security and asked to see the perimeter and inside camera recordings of this morning. Its amazing what a low cut blouse and a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts will do!

Low and behold, the entire security system goes blank from 8:47.32 a.m.  to 8:51.18 a.m. !

Highly Highly suspect I say! Whoever delivered this note knew when I would get to my desk and was somehow able to  circumvent the building security system. My thoughts are either this is a professional job or an inside job!

I don’t know what to do next…

ransom notes2