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So what happened?

10 May

How was everyone’s mother’s Day? Did all the mommies out there get a little extra special something this weekend? Whether it be to sleep in late, some pretty flowers, an extra meatball in your plate (hopefully not rolled over by a snotty nose)  the kids taken to the in-laws so you get the house to yourself with hubby?

Or maybe you just received a hug and a nice hand made mothers card from your kids. Anything done or give to you on Mothers Day is ok and we as mother accept it with open arms.

This year I was very lucky! On Saturday night TCIMaster and I went to Korean BBQ.  You might remember our earlier Korean escapade from my previous post “The CIA & a Korean Hangover” just in case you need to know what exactly it is. However, it is with a heavy heart and an unsatisfied stomach, that I have to report that we were both tremendously saddened to discover that our usual Korean jaunt had changed ownership!  With a heavy conscious I gently whispered to TCIMaster, almost afraid if the new owners might hear, do you think we caused the previous owners to sell because they couldn’t justify the sheer number of seemingly endless platters of meat we ordered? Never the less, we both took “the plate if half full of meat not half empty” mentality and boldly walked in.  Remember when Norm used to walk into the bar at Cheers and everyone would simultaneously jollily bellow “NOOORM"!  We walk in….. Nothing! Nada! ( Insert Cricket noise here). We were no longer the VIPs of Korean past. We were, as most there, newbies! Oh well… as we kept an open mind and began the choreographed ballet of meats, fire, mouth, repeat. We soon came to an unsettling realization that it no longer was the same the quality of the meats as before. Nor was the service anywhere the same. TCIMaster got a little misty eyed and shed a tear…  He tried every so valiantly to be strong, but just couldn’t restrain himself.  Looses a good Korean BBQ place will in no doubt affect him. Obviously we can no longer recommend the new Korean place to anyone.  The upside of this tragedy is that now we will be in search of a new Korean BBQ restaurant  and we shall not stop until we find another great one.

Now on actual Mothers Day I received a surprise call from my Mother Chula! Thinking it was just to wish me a Happy Mothers Day, I didn’t think much about it, then she casually said

Chula: “What are the plans for today?”

Me: “Nothing just hanging out”

Chula: “You should get ready so we can go some place to eat”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Chula: “You and Cici should get ready and we’ll go somewhere nice to eat”

Me: “How?”

Chula: “I’m by LAX at a meeting we’ll be there soon to pick you both up”

Me: “Swissssshhhhhhh” The sound of me dropping the phone without hanging up and running like an addle school girl to prepare to go.

My mother was in town? Score!!!  we get to go to brunch! Off we went to enjoy a nice Mothers Day Brunch and some laughs. Then only thing that would have made it even better was if my sister had joined us. I wont bore you all with details of how I got us in without a reservation or that there were people waiting for over an hour to be seated and I got us seated in 15 mins. No, no, no there is just no need for me to show off or give away any of  my trade secrets. Just know it was done. After our incredibly satisfying brunch (omelet, waffles, crab legs, shrimp cocktail, braised ribs, smoked salmon, plus enough slices of pie and desserts to furnish a small bakery) we said our goodbyes and my mother set off to drive home.

My daughter then decided to invite me the movies ( she paid that was her gift to me) to go watch Thor (big sigh)!  Ah Thor how you make my heart race. Its official I am dumping Tony Stark for Thor, I don’t enjoy breaking hearts but…. sadly our love has run its course, I wonder how he will take the news. Its official Thor is now my new boyfriend. My new found love for Thor might have something to do with Chris Hemsworth playing the role, who knows…. the heart wants what the heart wants or sees in this case (swoon)




My iPhone

On Thursday evening I noticed my phone’s battery life was  down to 20%. I didn’t think much of it, believing that I would charge it once I got back to the office. Once at the office I tried charging it only to find that it would no longer charge. I tried every way possible to charge it with no luck. As I paced back and forth watching the life drain from my phone I decided to back it up as quickly as possible just in case. Mean while TCIMaster went online and made an appointment for the next day at an Apples genius bar believing that they would be able to fix it.

The next day at the apple store I was told it could not be repaired!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I screamed (on the inside), I didn’t make a scene… The nice apple store lady explained to me, while gently holding my hand, that they were taking my iPhone to live on a farm with a lot of other iPhones that have retired somewhere they can run free and play under the warm sun.  I truly believe this to be true and I’m happy knowing it will enjoy a better life now.

It’s a very good thing I used the last bit of life left on my phone to back it up! If not I’d be very very very upset today. I’m now trying to restore everything onto the new iPhone, which on the first try didn’t restore all of my stuff, I’m missing apps, pictures and the coffee video. I’ll try resetting the phone again tonight and see what happens.


Possible New iPhone App

18 Aug

Seems like the summer sure is going by fast (but not fast enough for me). One can never get used to this valley heat! Doesn’t matter how long you have lived here, the icky draining summer heat just comes out of nowhere and literally zaps your willingness to do anything.  I think school starts again sometime next month (can you tell how involved I am in my daughter’s education).  It’s right about now when parents start getting the school newsletters and the voluminous plethora of mind numbing forms and bureaucratic red tape one has to fill out! Now DO they really need our address on all those different forms? Its unbelievable how many forms need to be filled out! Can’t one form for that be sufficient? If you’re a parent you surely know what I’m talking about! The registration papers, emergency cards, health exam, pre-participation physical exam, lunch forms etc. etc. etc. You would think in this day and age we can simply shake our iPhones at the school admission center and instantly register our children! Hey what a great idea! I wonder if there’s and iPhone App for that! If not, I’m patenting the concept. What’s a good title? iRegister? iEnroll? iGetRidofYourkids?    

Well yesterday I received my first packet of forms to fill out.   The pile of forms and paperwork needed is as high as a mountain!   Like it’s not bad enough I’ll be spending several hours trying to fill out the darn forms, noooooooo, they decided to make things much more interesting for me and send all the forms and information in Spanish!  

I believe it’s time to teach my daughter how to properly fill out forms and the art of forgery.

Hacked Facebook Account

30 Jun

Today my Facebook account was hacked. Sadly, and as hard as it is for me to believe, I have no idea how they got access to my password. I’ve done all of the following things to try and fix the problem. I changed passwords making the new password something I will probably never be able to remember. I changed all accesses to everything in Facebook. I also dropped my use of any Facebook applications.

It’s kind of a bad that we live in a world of wackos who have nothing better to do with their time than to screw with other peoples accounts.

So for all of you who received the following spam message:

“Hey, I haven’t talked to you on facebook in a while,
but I thought I would message you from my new iPhone that I
just got for free for working with them for 300$ a day. Don’t tell anyone but this site is glitching and sending out free iPhones to anyone that signs up and gets accepted by them, i just confirmed my email after i entered it there: http://www.iphonejoboffer.com That is where I got my job too btw, check it out!”

It wasn’t me! and I apologize for the inconvenience it might have caused.

While I Wait

19 Jun

I’m sitting in my car waiting for a package to be ready and browsing thru the iPhone apps and couldn’t believe that there is an app for blogging.
Now that’s amazing! Everything is so easy now almost anything you want or need is in an app.