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A Tan and Freckles

15 Aug


This summer I have found myself  going to the beach almost every weekend. It has helped me a bit to get out of my usual daily routine. But I have come across a small problem or two, you see I’m normally very light skin so I burn/tan very easily and have now found myself looking more like George Hamilton and Snooki then the Pkitass we have all come to know and love.  The sun also causes me to pop out more freckles, *pop* see there’s a new one now *pop* and there’s another one.

Even my sister this past weekend commented on how dark I looked and that I had way to many more freckles.

Evilo: Daaaamn……..pretty soon you’re just going to be one big freckle.

Me: Yeah, *sigh* thanks I love you too.

Yes, I lather on the sun block every time I go out. I’ve gone so far as to purchase a 100 spf sunblock for my face but I don’t think its working *pop* dam it! stupid freckles stop it already. *pop*

So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my regular skin color back? Maybe an old country remedy to remove freckles? Bleach, sandpaper, lemon? at this point I’ll try anything just don’t ask me to stop going to the beach.

*pop, pop, pop* I give up!


Braces & Glasses

13 Jul

Chula is in town again today, to play the role of daddy Warbucks for the benefit of Sisi’s orthodontic care.

For as long as I can remember Sisi has wanted glasses and braces. In my day if you wore glasses you’d get teased and made fun, now combine that with braces; you now have a never ending tease fest. Thank goodness I never needed either one. It was bad enough to be teased about my freckles. So are glasses and braces now a new kid fad? I have seen some of Sisi’s friends wear fake glasses and the thicker the rim of the glasses the cooler you are. Sisi unforuntaly takes after her blind as a bat aunt Evilo and really needs to wear glasses.  

So today is her first appointment at the orthodontist, I already know she will get her wish for braces.  Her teeth really do need some cosmetic help.  Although I’m not looking forward to all the complaining from her once she realizes that having braces isn’t just all looks.  I believe there will be a year or so of torturing in order to get a straight pearly white smile.  

But hey at least she will be cool looking!