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My Head Spinning

31 Aug

The other day I stopped at a red light (only because it’s still illegal to run them) and was forced to wait for the light to turn green. While sitting in my car, anxiously waiting for the light to change, something caught my eye; actually it would have been hard to miss.  Across the street, in an open public park, were 20 or more guys all holding signs. At first glance I thought it was just another protest and wondered what it could be this time? Global Warming? Gas Prices? Longer Lunch Hours? No decent sandwich shop around? What could it be??  As all these thoughts ran through my head  I noticed that the majority of the group was  paying attention to the one guy in the front who was twirling, spinning and tossing his sign.

This was no protest! It was a sign spinning class! Ha! Who knew you could make a career spinning signs! Sign Spinners, you know, those people who stand at a busy corner holding a sign for hours at a time trying to catch your attention by doing some sort of dance routine or acrobatic tricks with their sign. I get amused watching all the twirling and spinning. So much so that I usually will get honked at! One can get hypnotized with all the rotating whirling twirling twisting and tossing of the sign! However, if you ask me what they were advertising, I generally will have no clue. But would be able to dispense scores for their aptitude, originality and ingenuity of execution!  8, 9, 7

As I sit at the red light, dumbfounded that there are actually classes for sign spinning, I’m happy knowing that Sisi now has a backup school CUSS (California University of Sign Spinning)


Friday Friday Friday!

27 Aug

Do you know what today is?  It’s Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday, FRIDAAAY!

What does Friday mean to you? For some it means that tonight you’ll jump start the weekend by hitting some cool places to get your drinking on.

For me, ultimately, Friday means the beginning of a two day holiday! Woohoo!!  A super-duper, mind numbing, deliciously scrumptious, yummy, delectable, mouthwatering, almost orgasmic Master’s patented Super Saturday Dinner. I’m drooling as I write.  Sundays are reserved for some much needed rest and relaxation to recoup from the stress of the entire week not to mention digestion of the Saturdays feast. In honor of my most favorite business day of the week; I give you a little Friday song.

Have a great weekend, you can tell me all about it on Monday.

Tiki Tiki Tells All

25 Aug

Post told by Tiki Tiki

Hello everybody! It’s me Tiki Tiki the very cute Chihuahua, today I am borrowing Pkitass blog because I want to share some news with you about Twitter……… Yup that’s right you can now follow me on twitter @Tikitikitempo.  If Pkitass hasn’t told you already, we live in the valley where it is very very very hot these days.  Since I’ve been a good boy lately and using my weewee pad (most of the time), Master thought that I deserved to have ice cream. I don’t know why he made it such a small cone!!! I wanted everyone to see how lucky I am so I thought I would share. In case anyone out there is wondering, its gween tee ice cweam!

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Scary Movies

25 Aug

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again to anyone who will listen to me Netflix is awesome! What would I do without it? Have you seen that they will even give you suggestions on Instant Watching (streaming) based on your Instant Watching history. Well here is what they suggested for a scary movies.

Needless to say they looked to frightening for me to watch.

Rested and Ready

23 Aug

I just can’t wait for the weekend to come around again. Woohoo Paaaarty!!! For many it means it’s time to start club hopping! Time to party like a rock star! Stay out all night and mingle with all the other rock stars.   Noooope that’s not what excites me at all, I can’t stay up all night doing things young people do anymore.  No more listening to ear deafening music.  No more wearing belts and having them pass as skirts. No more dying my hair a different color of the rainbow each weekend.  No more staying out all night and being able to function on just 1 or 2 hours of sleep.

Nope! For me the weekend means I can wear comfy cloths and go to sleep early and wake up late. Although, considering my gleaming and perky exterior (wink wink), most would find it very difficult to believe that I’m no longer a spring chicken and that my body aches for rest.  Actually it screams for time out! I need the weekend now to harness some energy for the long week ahead.  My weekend is used to rest my sore bones.  The only parties I’m attending are the ones on TV.  

Hope everyone is rested up and ready for another long week.

Possible New iPhone App

18 Aug

Seems like the summer sure is going by fast (but not fast enough for me). One can never get used to this valley heat! Doesn’t matter how long you have lived here, the icky draining summer heat just comes out of nowhere and literally zaps your willingness to do anything.  I think school starts again sometime next month (can you tell how involved I am in my daughter’s education).  It’s right about now when parents start getting the school newsletters and the voluminous plethora of mind numbing forms and bureaucratic red tape one has to fill out! Now DO they really need our address on all those different forms? Its unbelievable how many forms need to be filled out! Can’t one form for that be sufficient? If you’re a parent you surely know what I’m talking about! The registration papers, emergency cards, health exam, pre-participation physical exam, lunch forms etc. etc. etc. You would think in this day and age we can simply shake our iPhones at the school admission center and instantly register our children! Hey what a great idea! I wonder if there’s and iPhone App for that! If not, I’m patenting the concept. What’s a good title? iRegister? iEnroll? iGetRidofYourkids?    

Well yesterday I received my first packet of forms to fill out.   The pile of forms and paperwork needed is as high as a mountain!   Like it’s not bad enough I’ll be spending several hours trying to fill out the darn forms, noooooooo, they decided to make things much more interesting for me and send all the forms and information in Spanish!  

I believe it’s time to teach my daughter how to properly fill out forms and the art of forgery.

Classy and Stylish

17 Aug

(clearing throat) ummm…. Here I am. Sitting in front of my computer, wondering what the hell I have to be funny about today.

It was hot as hell! Or maybe it just felt that way because I drive around in a car without air! Making me look veryI think it brings out the color of my eyes. Classy and stylish with my glistering pearls of sweat running down my bright (tomato red) smiling face.

Okay…… Okay, humor seems to have deserted me for the moment. Maybe once I cool down.

Mad Scientist At Work

16 Aug

Master has decided to turn everyone in the office into his personal guinea pigs.  Amongst all the other titles he holds: Gigolo, lady killer, God’s gift to women, Daper Don, south of the border he is known as Suavesito, El Don Juan and Papi Chulo; but experimental chef is the one he enjoys using the most.

 And like every great mad scientist throughout history, he too has his secrete lab hidden in the back of the office. It is a fully equipped commercial kitchen that would put most restaurants to shame.  It has practically every piece of heavy duty equipment a trained chef would require, not to mention all the cool tools needed to experiment with the unorthodox science master calls his interpretation of gastronomy!  The office is by no means a restaurant; although we are fully equipped to act like one if needed.  Imagine more a museum of eclectic and unique items in corky yet amazingly classical setting.  As most things in the office are over the top, so is the super kitchen Master calls his lair. We take food very seriously here! Very Seriously! People have been fired for bringing McDonalds to the office! Dominos drivers are afraid to make deliveries on this block!

Master at work, me in the back dancing.

This Saturday Master decided to work on his BBQ technique and purchased half a side of pig to play with. 

I’m not sure what exactly goes on in his lab. All I know is that he started around 1:00 and spent hours mixing spices and herbs. He made dozens of rubs and a myriad of marinades. Sometimes the true mad scientist in him would emerge and he would push the envelope and mix volatile spices together just to see what would happen. Needless to say, the building had to be evacuated more than just once! Thank goodness for that industrial ventilation system in the hood! After hours of work preparing the meat with injections, rubs, and marinades, the ribs were slow smoked for hours and hours. We finally Ate at 8:30! 7 hours of work for super ribs! Can you imagine! Caramelized smoky crust, so succulent that the juices would freely run down the side of your mouth, so tender the luscious meat simply falls of the bone! You don’t even need any teeth!

If being experimented on is going to be like this; this little guinea pig does not want to be freed from the lab. Oink Oink Baby!

I Do Tricks

12 Aug

I stumbled upon this:

This is pretty cute. This little dog will do a few simple tricks for you (while subliminally encouraging you to buy Hartgard products I bet). He’ll do the basics of play dead, jump, spin and others.

Picture will take you to web page.

I guess the word is out: Weezer Reveal ‘Hurley’ Album Cover — Exclusive (via Further Dispatches)

12 Aug

I was browsing thru one of my favorite blogs Further Dispatches and noticed the “you like tab” in the admin bar at the top of the page if you open this you will find that it says “Reblog this post”. So that’s what I’m doing testing the “Reblog This Post” tool. Let’s see what happen shall we?

I guess the word is out: Weezer Reveal 'Hurley' Album Cover -- Exclusive via Weezer Reveal ‘Hurley’ Album Cover — Exclusive. … Read More

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