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Tiki Tiki is VIP

1 Oct

Tiki Tiki seems to have his good days and his not so great days .  There are days when he wakes up and he looks like a frat boy just getting home from an all nighter, stumbling across the floor to get to his favorite bed in the kitchen and spending all day sleeping  just waking up to get a drink of water and some food.  Mind you he doesn’t seem to be in any pain what so ever.  Just very tired or hung over.  My theory is this Master is secretly having him sneak out at night and using him as his wing man.  It makes perfect sense what better wingman then Tiki Tiki? Who, male or female, would be able to resist the powers of Tiki Tiki?  Tiki tiki’s powers, of course, are used to get into places without a reservation; there isn’t a red velvet rope that can hold him back. He is always on the list. Together, Master and Tiki Tiki, are dining and wine’ing at the best restaurants in town till the wee hours of the night.

Yes it all makes perfect sense now. This is what is going on that’s why some days he seems so tired. I’ll have to set down a couple of rules with Master

  1. Don’t keep him out to late.
  2. Only 2 times per week
  3.  Bring back a doggy bag.


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Wee Wee Wee!

2 Sep

Geico puts a new twist to the old nursery ryhme of the little piggy who cried “wee! wee! wee!” all the way home.

How can a  piggy going wee wee wee  amuse me so. Because it’s so darn funny and cute. Now if only  Sisi could get a piggy friend.

What do you think?

Tiki Tiki Sleeping……

28 Jul
Sharing the joys of having Tiki Tiki.

Carrrrry Meeeeee!

9 Jul


As you all know Tiki Tiki loves to be held and carried around in his very special place. But how do you know when he wants to be carried you ask.

That’s easy! Although he is very very tiny and can easily be stepped on, he will make sure that someone notices him. His way of saying  “PAY ATTENTION! SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEE!” Is as follows

Rappers Delight

21 Jun

Here is the full version just in case you’re like me and have never seen it before.

It brings a smile to my face every time.