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Happy Birthday to ME!

16 Feb

It’s my Birthday today (Feb 16th) and I’m celebrating 21 long years plus the other 17 years that went by to fast of being alive.

Lets see what’s going on  at 38……..

It seems to me that my body aches more,  my muffin top is bigger, I  jiggle more, my boobies are a little more down to earth. No that doesn’t mean  that they are modest, friendlier or more approachable breasts, more like they are now closer to the floor then to the sky. My skin feels softer but with less elasticity. I think I’m also starting to sport cankles  not sure cause the muffin top blocks my view.

Jeez….. If this is how I feel and look now then what will it be like at 40? I’m only 2 years shy from it you know.

I really don’t see the bright side of this post anymore what exactly am I celebrating? 


Oh yeah! It’s my excuse to get Master to cook me some awesome Lamb chops, and eat as much cake as I want without feeling guilty.

So Happy Birthday to Me!



Just letting you know that once you have read this post I will be expecting a gift from you next year. You no longer have the excuse of not knowing when my birthday is.

And for those who did know about my birthday I ask you this “Where is my gift and when should I expect it?”


Sync in Progress

1 Jul


Yesterday, there was a surprise waiting at the office. Aside from my Facebook account beeing hacked into, Master and I received our new iphone4s! Woohoo!!!  The phone itself is really nice, pictures seem clearer and it’s a lot faster than my old iphone. Everything looks and works great so far, although I’m still play around with it. The only problem I ran into, which annoyed me to no end, was the backing up of the old iphone. I’m pretty sure I aged a couple of years and my hair grew 10 inches longer just waiting for the darn backup procedure to finish.  It took me 4hrs last night and nearly 6hrs today for Master’s iphone to backup.  Every 30 minutes or so  I would check on the iphone just to find myself  looking at same three words  I had been seeing for the past 2- 3 hrs. “Sync in Progress”

Well that’s all over with now at least. Now if you excuse me I need to go fuel up with caffeine so I can figure out how to reinstall my apps, music & podcast into my new awesome iphone 4.