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Ensenada Pictures

14 Sep

I have been working on the best way to show everyone my pictures from Ensenada after much sleepless nights I believe I’ve finally have it!

Now you might want to go make yourself a margarita before you hit play. Do you have your drink yet? Ok sit back and enjoy.


Coming Soon……

7 Sep


I have tons of pictures from my little trip to Ensenada. I’ll try to post them by tomorrow.

Little table stand at La Buffadora. Aren't the colors so pretty?

Labor Day Trip for Master’s Gift?

3 Sep

Happy Labor Weekend Day

I wish you all have a great Labor Day weekend. May this Labor Day be even better than last year and your tummies be filled with great food, and awesome drinks.

As for me I’ll be soaking up some much needed sun on the beaches of Ensenada in Baja California! Ya baby! I’m taking a little trip south of the border. And I’m planning on having a great little vacation. Well I’m hoping it will be a great trip. Who knows what will happen this weekend, I’m not taking this trip alone. Nope! With me will be my daughter, which is no big deal, but also in this little adventure will be my mother, father, my sister and her two little boys. The whole family together is a recipe for disaster.  Heads will be butting, tempers and voices will rise, attitudes spewed, and children will be crying.  Like most family outings, things will inevitably get ugly. Where to eat? What to buy Master? What to eat? What to buy Master? What to do next? What to buy Master? Who sleeps where? What to buy Master? Who’s watching the children? What to buy Master? Hey… Where are the children? Yikes!!! Did I mention what to buy Master?  As I’m writing this I’m starting to get cold feet, maybe it’s not that great of an idea to take this trip.

Like a lot of other families, distance somehow helps us love each other even more.  Bottom line is that family is family and we get together only once or twice a year, so I’ll do my best to keep the peace.

On a side note I’ll be back with lots of pictures to share with you all!

Master decide to share some input in this post, can you guess what?