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Green Means More……..

28 Sep

If you have read any of my other blogs, you will obviously call to mind that food is taken very seriously here! Very Very Seriously! When it comes to new food adventures, we have done it all! Well practically…. We have had enough sushi to put a dent in migrating habits of yellowtail tuna! We have tried every part of a pig except the squeal! There must be a boogie man story in chicken dens that mother chickens tell their young chicks. Eat all your seeds and go to bed or Pkitass and master will eat you! We have had every incarnation of chicken one can think of: fried, rotisserie, baked, grilled, smoked, BBQ’d, stir-fried, boiled, shish kabob, don’t I sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump explaining all the kinds of ways one can cook shrimp (boiled shrimp, bbq shrimp, etc.). Master himself has a Zen like appreciation of any and all things beef! He hears angels singing in the clouds and the sun shines like a beacon upon him when he finds that perfectly marbleized prime cut of Rib Eye or porterhouse.  

Last week was Master’s Birthday! He is now thirty ei-mh-mh- (making throat noises) years old.  That’s right in a couple of years I will be expecting to see Master arrive to work with his hair dyed platinum blond or really really dark black sporting tight leather pants while riding a Harley with a 21 year old blond sitting in the back. 

In honor of his birthday and to commemorated his thirty ei-mh-mh- (making throat noises) years of making the local female population every so happy, we decided to celebrate his many many many contributions to the female half of civilization by partaking in the Brazilian gaucho tradition of Churrasco and going to Picanha Churrascaria.  Churrasco is the Brazilian word for barbecue and Picanha is all you can eat baby! You guessed it! It’s the Brazilian version of an all you can eat BBQ. Well, with a twist! This isn’t your traditional BBQ place of baby back ribs and pulled pork with a heavy BBQ sauce. Nope!  Churrasco describes a 300 year old Brazilian tradition that originated in the pampas, or prairie ranchlands, of Brazil.  In the churrasco tradition, gauchos (Brazilian cowboys) barbequed marinated beef pork and poultry on long skewers over an open fire pit. Imagine every kind of cut on meat on shish kabob skewers on steroids! When you are seated at your table, there is no menu to order from, instead what you get is a small wooden cylinder the size of a salt shaker with green on one end and red on the other. Yup! You guessed it! Green means GO!! And… I think, from what I’ve been told, Red means STOP. Not that we ever bothered with that end of the indicator!! Once the Green is facing up on your table, a myriad of traditionally dressed Brazilian gauchos (cowboys) with riding boots, hefty leather belts and whips begin a graceful dance of sizzling meat! Each gaucho carries a sword ladened with various types of meats crackling and hissing straight from the fire pit. The skewered meat is carved right onto your plate so you always get that super tasty and savory outer caramelized portions of each cut. That night alone we enjoyed a flurry of fire roasted meats including Fillet Mignon, Garlic Steak, Tri Tip, Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Sirloin Tip, Pork ribs, Spicy Chicken, Mongolian Steak, Polish Sausage, Linguica (Brazilian sausage), Parmesan Pork Loin, Masters favorite (Pichanha, a super choice part of top Sirlion mariniated in garlic and zesty pepers), and My favorite (Leg of lamb marinated with lemons garlic and oregano).

Waiters at Picanha

Being a renowned veteran of the Korean BBQ scene, and having prepared all day in anticipation of the overindulgently boundless and amazingly flavorful debauchery of tantalizing carnal feast, I thought that my malicious and malevolent gastronome partner and I would do some serious damage to this Brazilian manifestation of meaty delight.  We hit the ground running! It was surreal… all one could notice were the whip wearing blue shirts in a seemingly chaotic yet oh so well-orchestrated prance of sizzling meats!

Look at all the meats!


Tri tip? Why sure!

Fellet Mignon? But of course!

Polish and Brazillian Sausages? Now who could say no to sausage?

Picanha? Ha ha ha.. need you ask?

Pork ribs? Heck give me two!

Leg of Lamb? Ehm…. Can you just leave the entire skewer?

Multiply above conversation by 5 or 6

After 45 min or so… I saw it! I almost cried in the middle of the restaurant! Noooooooooooooooo! Say it aint so! Say it aint so! The dreaded look of defeat in Masters eyes was apparent! How could this have happened? How? What could have caused this? Did he go to a breakfast buffet in the morning that I didn’t know about? Did he just come from a luau? How can he be full already! Only 45 min in!!! HOW??? Its grilled meats for gosh sake! GRILLED MEATS!!

What can I say? Master is obviously not the fearlessly gluttons connoisseur of all things meat that he used to be! It must be the age! Thirty ei-mh-mh- (making throat noises) years has put a toll on the reinforced, some say armored, indestructibly durable stomach of his!

When it came time to pay, I obviously jumped out of my seat and grabbed the check. I guess if he can’t eat like a man, It will be up to me to undertake the burdens of Manly tasks! Pansy! ( Buuuuuuurp….  Scratching my crotch!) You see, not hard at all! Like any Manly baller, I didn’t even look at the bill! I just whipped out the cold hard cash from my purse…. Ehm back pocket…. And put it on top of the check.

Paying the bill with an oversized $100 bill.

The anticipation of the waiter to come and get the check was almost as fun as all the meats we consumed that night.  With a very serious face, fighting very hard the overwhelming urgency to laugh my head off, I began a conversation with Master as the unassuming waiter attempted to collect the check for dinner… I just couldn’t hold it! I had to laugh! And not just laugh a little, but laugh like you laugh when you’re in 4th grade and the kid across the table accidently farts during lunch in a very quiet cafeteria and the milk you were drinking squirts from your nostrils because your laughter was just so uncontrollable! Never the less, our waiter was not as amused as we were! Who cares! It was all well worth it! Another delightful epicurean experience notch in my belt!


Friday On My Mind

24 Sep

In most countries Friday is the last day of the work week. So people are generally in a good mood and surprisingly productive when Friday rolls around. After all, they have the whole weekend to look forward to, and now so do we with Friday finally here!

enjoy your weekend!

Bitch Betta Have My Monie

17 Sep

I have a twitter problem account and follow a few people I deem interesting on it. I have the text alert function set up for some of the people I follow; there are some tweets I just don’t want to miss! Then again, I think I might want to start turning off the twitter text alert on my phone at night.  Some of the people I follow are on different time zones and I end up getting text alerts as early as 3:30 AM!  Yes, crazy me will quickly glance at it (no matter what time) to make sure it isn’t a family emergency text or maybe, even more importantly, work related.  However, taking cough syrup and getting these texts at odd hours can have an odd effect on a person.  For example the other  night (more like 5AM in the morning) I ended up having a peculiarly bizarre dream with Catherinette Singleton!  I can’t remember the details, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Catherinette’s love life.

 Something to the effect of getting my money….  I had a feathered fedora hat and some cool shoes with live goldfish in the heels! Bitch better have my money!!! So with the constant draining tension and anxiety of taking care of poor sickly Tiki Tiki, my coughing and my outrageously entertaining dreams, I haven’t gotten much sleep at night. So for now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to try to take a nap and go to dreamland. I’m going to put some baby powder on my hands before I dose off just in case I see Caterinette in my dream again. This pimp gots to keep his hoe in check! Snap!

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

16 Sep

Muahaha ha muahaha! making triangle of evil

Based on the small quiz at the end there is a 98% chance Evil cat is going to kill me.

A Tiki Tiki Post

15 Sep

Last Thursday night Tiki Tiki was taken to the emergency room. All of a sudden, without cause, rhyme or reason, his health drastically changed! He became lethargic, listless and dehydrated within hours.  At first I thought he had eaten something he shouldn’t have.  Then I thought something had fallen on him causing him to be in pain.  We took him to the Vet ER at 11:45 at night. The X-rays taken showed nothing foreign stuck inside his stomach or intestines nor did they show any broken bones.  After spending 2 hours at the clinic, the first Vet didn’t seem to know much about what was wrong and could only hypothesize with several “it might be this” or “it might be that”.  After all that, with X-rays and examinations, his only contribution was to send us home with “Nutri-Cal” a gelatinous cat and dog vitamin supplement which has the consistency of tooth paste and is supposed to be high calorie and full of vitamins.  Tiki Tiki is super tiny and one or two days of not eating properly makes his weight loss very noticeable.  Seeing no improvement over the weekend and because he is very tiny we thought it best to get a second opinion and take Tiki Tiki to another vet.  

The second vet was much more helpful.  She performed a routine checkup, took vitals, executed some coordination tests and did an ultrasound.  Not being able to derive a definitive result from all her tests, and taking into consideration Tiki Tiki’s apearance and breed, she concluded that Tiki Tiki might have “Hydrocephalus”.

Hydrocephalus is the accumulation of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and is not normal for any breed, nor is it curable. It’s also known as “water on the brain”. When Fluid accumulates in the brain, it compresses the brain against the skull. A puppy can be born with this disorder, or it can be caused by brain infection or head injury later in life. Chihuahuas born with this do not grow normally, often staying extremely tiny.

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for hydrocephalus. Some mild cases can be treated with steroids and diuretics to reduce pressure.

He was prescribed Prednisone and a high calorie diet to bring up his weight again. It might be wishful thinking but yesterday he seemed to have much more energy and strength. 

Instead of showing you pictures of him sick, I’ll share some of him before he got sick.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ensenada Pictures

14 Sep

I have been working on the best way to show everyone my pictures from Ensenada after much sleepless nights I believe I’ve finally have it!

Now you might want to go make yourself a margarita before you hit play. Do you have your drink yet? Ok sit back and enjoy.

Coming Soon……

7 Sep


I have tons of pictures from my little trip to Ensenada. I’ll try to post them by tomorrow.

Little table stand at La Buffadora. Aren't the colors so pretty?

Labor Day Trip for Master’s Gift?

3 Sep

Happy Labor Weekend Day

I wish you all have a great Labor Day weekend. May this Labor Day be even better than last year and your tummies be filled with great food, and awesome drinks.

As for me I’ll be soaking up some much needed sun on the beaches of Ensenada in Baja California! Ya baby! I’m taking a little trip south of the border. And I’m planning on having a great little vacation. Well I’m hoping it will be a great trip. Who knows what will happen this weekend, I’m not taking this trip alone. Nope! With me will be my daughter, which is no big deal, but also in this little adventure will be my mother, father, my sister and her two little boys. The whole family together is a recipe for disaster.  Heads will be butting, tempers and voices will rise, attitudes spewed, and children will be crying.  Like most family outings, things will inevitably get ugly. Where to eat? What to buy Master? What to eat? What to buy Master? What to do next? What to buy Master? Who sleeps where? What to buy Master? Who’s watching the children? What to buy Master? Hey… Where are the children? Yikes!!! Did I mention what to buy Master?  As I’m writing this I’m starting to get cold feet, maybe it’s not that great of an idea to take this trip.

Like a lot of other families, distance somehow helps us love each other even more.  Bottom line is that family is family and we get together only once or twice a year, so I’ll do my best to keep the peace.

On a side note I’ll be back with lots of pictures to share with you all!

Master decide to share some input in this post, can you guess what?

Wee Wee Wee!

2 Sep

Geico puts a new twist to the old nursery ryhme of the little piggy who cried “wee! wee! wee!” all the way home.

How can a  piggy going wee wee wee  amuse me so. Because it’s so darn funny and cute. Now if only  Sisi could get a piggy friend.

What do you think?

That’s Amore!

1 Sep


In the mood for Pizza? Ask Master to make you one,

A while back Master made pizzas to share with clients. However, most didn’t believe that the pizza’s had been hand made from scratch at the office! So, as proof, we made this little slide show for them.

P.S. Hope you enjoyed it, now taking orders