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Gobble Gobble….

23 Nov


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  We have two more days this week  before Thanksgiving .   What a wonderful holiday.  We dedicate an entire day to eating as much Turkey as possible! Yay! I know I, I know its also a day of sharing with others just how thankful we are for them and how thankful we are for the great blessing we have received over that last year.  But really we all know its about the Turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes and gravy, the buttery bread rolls, the cranberry sauce, the Ham, the Lake to late and a pumpkin pie oh did I mention the TURKEY!

This year will be Tiki Tiki’s first Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to see him sitting at the table enjoying his first Thanksgiving feast. Needless to say there will be many many pictures of him and the turkey, him eating the turkey the turkey eating him and him inside the turkey! Ha ha ha that would be a sight!

We want to wish you all a great Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday (don’t forget my gift)


Tiki Tiki The Fearless (Update)

18 Nov

Sept 9th 2010 was the first day that Tiki Tiki started showing signs of being sicky. He was diagnosed with having Hydrocephalus.

“Hydrocephalus is the accumulation of excess cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and is not normal for any breed, nor is it curable. It’s also known as “water on the brain”. When Fluid accumulates in the brain, it compresses the brain against the skull.”   Signs or symptoms include:

  • Crying out
  • Hyperexcitability
  • Extreme dullness
  • Seizures
  • Visual or auditory impairment
  • Spastic or clumsy walking
  • Circling
  • Head tilt
  • Abnormal eye movements
  • No motor skills

    On his last vet visit it was discovered that he also had a heart murmur, was missing a rib and a half plus his lungs make a clicking sound when he breaths. Poor guy just can’t get a break.

    From the sudden moment Tiki Tiki showed signs of sickness, his motor skills went from being a normal running puppy to not being able to stand up on his own at all.  Master and I are his feet. Tiki Tiki,being a smart little guy, has taught us how to speak doggy. He now can tell us when he needs to use the bathroom or wants to be picked up or is ready to be fed.  Some days are better then others.  Some days he wakes up with lots of energy and sit up or tries to stand up. Other days he acts like a little rag doll and sleeps all day.

    These past two days have been really good to him. He has had much more energy and  has been standing up for minutes at a time  (insert clapping here). What seems like a normal everyday thing for puppies his age is a big accomplishment for him.

    In every other way Tiki Tiki is a normal an extra sweet, loveable and  adorable puppy. He enjoys being held and kissed and Loves to snack!  Especially whipped cream and chicken; but not together. He will bark at strangers when they walk in or growl at Evilcat for getting too close. He can even play with Peanut in his bed . 


    O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

    17 Nov

    Have you ever wanted the earth to open up and eat you up? I have? A couple of evenings ago as I was doing what I do best, minding my own business, going on my merry way with a skip in my walk and a song in my head (la la la la). Yes I was in a good mood!  This was my last stop and after here I could head on back to the office where my Tiki Tiki would see me and act like the greatest thing in the world just walked thru the door. So I’m getting out of the elevator and walking thru the crowd of people who are also ending their day at work and are headed home. I skip toward to the guard desk to return my elevator pass, when out of no where with no warning at all I hear it….

    “PKitass I LOVE YOUUU!”

    What? Did I just hear my name yelled out? I turn left…. I turn right… Did anyone else hear this or was I just going mad? Had the separation from my Tiki Tiki affected me so badly that I was starting to hear things? Then I hear it again…..

    “PKitass I LOVE YOUUU!”

    Nope! I’m sure I heard correctly this time! And as a matter of fact, so did everyone else. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE,  turned around to look at all the security guards and valet personnel.  Apparently some love struck, albeit misguided soul, had seen me in the security cameras and had decided that it would be so hilarious to publicly broadcast his love for me over the building’s two way radio system. I didn’t think much of it… Who would really know that it was me anyway! Unfortunately, the 3 security guard and valet guy walking towards me laughing and holding up their radios somewhat announced to the entire building that the message was for me.

    Needless to say my face turned a nice crimson red as I searched for the nearest exit and ran out of there leaving just a cartoon cut out of myself and sea of laughter behind me.


    What I haven’t done….

    16 Nov

    You know what I haven’t done in a while? Is post something on here.  I have to go now so I guess this will have to wait.

    I have to run!

    Bad Boyz of Twitter

    10 Nov
    Tiki Tiki is one of the newest members of a Special Units Team called “The Bad Boyz of Twitter”. Go to the official site to see more Bad Boyz members.


    Tiki Tiki’s Vet Visit

    5 Nov
    It was a normal day just like any other day, or so I’s 1(1)
     When I’s was put in the basket then set down on the car seat, I’s didn’t think much of it. I’s thought what a nice day to take a drive with 2(1)
     It wasn’t until we parked in front of the building that I’s realized where we were! It was the Animal Hospital. SMDCH
     As we walked inside to the reception area I’s started to let everyone know exactly how I’s felt about being here.  woof woof woof woof! Anyone who would listen got an earful. Woof woof woof.REcp


     We’s was taken to one of the exam rooms were I’s  looked around while I’s waited patiently. I’s sure we’s just picking up medication refill, nothing to be concerned about. I’s sure everything will be 4(1)
     The technician came in and weighed me.  Wow! I’s thought I’s getting chubby 2 whole lbs! But no Dr. said I’s need to gain more weight. I’s concerned dis will affect my future modeling careerphoto 1
      Then the unthinkable happened. I’s politely told him “Ehh Excuse me….Excuse me that doesn’t belong there”  I’s was so 3(1)
     As I’s was getting  over the shock, the Dr. walked in and started listening to my heart and breathing. Her hand were cold and the thingy she used was also cold. We’s told her about the small seizure I’s had about a week ago. And about my upset tummy with the runs.  Dr. said she doesn’t see a big improvement from last visit. Mommy begs to 5(1)
    The Dr. said I’s have a heart murmur and could hear a clicking noise when I’s breathed so  she wanted to take X-rays to make sure I’s didn’t have an enlarged heart. I’s look like this inside.  photo 2
    We’s waited in the reception area for the x-ray results where I’s saw the office cat and I’s complained about what was done to me inside ….woof woof woof woof…. he didn’t care he’s heard it all before then turned around and left me talking. office cat
    We’s were told that my heart looks fine my lungs look ok, but I’s missing a rib and a half but it shouldn’t be a problem. My poopy results will be back in 24hrs so we’s were sent home with tummy 3
    So that was my traumatizing vet visit …..did I forget anything mommy?photo 5


    Oh yeah we’s went to the post office were I’s was asked to leave (they’s not very nice about it) “No dogs allowed” I’s not a dog! So we’s left! Blrrrrrr to them!  Then I’s made mommy swing by the ATM to take out some snack money . So we’s can get something to snack on for the drive 4


    This has been a Tiki Tiki Post.                                                       ChiHugs and ChiKisses to all!
    Dr.’s office did call back the next day said poopy is 100% clean.  Tummy medication worked great I’s feeling much better.


    4 Nov

    I’m testing our Windows Live Writer… lets see if it works

    Tiki Tiki Does Halloween

    3 Nov

    Hi Peoples and Twitter Friends its me Tiki Tiki here again taking over mommys blog.

     How was everyone’s Halloween? Can you guess what I was for Halloween?

    So that was my Halloween, I’s did find out small people can be rough when petting.  To all you small people and some big ones too “Please be gentle when petting any sort of animal especially me grrrrr”

    Tomorrow I’s like to share my visit to the vet.

    Lots of Chi Licks

    Tiki Tiki

    Game Called Life

    3 Nov

    There is just something about this song that gets me. It’s the theme song for Showtimes TV show “The Big C” 

    Song Title: Game Called Life

    Artist: Leftover Cuties

    Twitter Post

    2 Nov

    Enjoyed this cartoon from a fellow tweeter James Janka & Wyatt. The picture links to his blog post.

    Follow him on twitter @Wyattcartoon