In & Out Not Just A Burger

22 Jun

The office cat is out to get us! He is a very spoiled cat that demands attention and his needs and wants must be taken care of NOW!
Because he likes to jump onto counters and knock stuff off at night, I put him away in one of the office rooms.  But he didn’t like it at all and had learned to open the door from the inside.  So I started locking it.

The Cat thought this is NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL! He decided to let us know by peeing on the couch that’s in that office. I got the message loud and clear.
Last night I decided to leave him in the reception area so he can lay on the counters.  I closed all the other office doors, even the one he used to be put away in. This morning we found out what he thought about that idea…… He opened the door to his old room got inside and pee’d again!



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