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Wicked A Wickedly Awesome Musical

24 Jun


Yesterday my daughter and I had the pleasure to enjoy our very first musical! Our choice was non other then Wicked which is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre, from June 20 to July 15.

Based on the best-selling 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, WICKED, is the untold story of the witches of Oz.

Long before Dorothy drops in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One – born with emerald-green skin – is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of their remarkable odyssey, and how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. 

We had the time of our lives I can’t stop raving about it, the lights, the costumes, the songs, the music everything was amazing! If you have the opportunity to watch this musical I highly recommend it. The only thing I will complain about are the prices for their merchandise.  Plus the people who were sitting behind us kept complaining about not knowing that it was a musical and they couldn’t make out the words. Oh well maybe next time they should read the description of the show first.

Needless to say both my daughter and I are now fans of musicals.The next musical I’d like to watch is Mama Mia but my daughter says we first must go see Phantom of the Opera, we shall see about that. Sarcastic smile

I’m sharing a couple of pictures from our trip to San Diego and of the show sorry they aren’t the best pictures but we weren’t suppose to actually take pictures. 



P.S. I now see The Wizard Of Oz in a whole new way.


Wordless Wednesday

9 May




I’ve waited 2 years to see this smile

Kittens anyone?

2 May

How was everyone’s weekend? Great I hope.

Well I really don’t have anything interesting to blog about but I do have some cute kitty pictures how about I show you that.

TCI Master found some kittens outside about a week ago and brought them in so we could take them to the shelter. But it turns out that the shelter wouldn’t  guarantee  that they wouldn’t be put to sleep, since the kittens are so small still and need to be bottle fed we were told that they just don’t have the time or man power to take care of them.  Both of us being the animal lovers that we are decided to take on the role of foster parents.  How could we not?  Just look at them.

Fostering cats and kittens has its rewards as well as its drawbacks.

First of all we had to bath them several times since they were infested with fleas and we didn’t want the dogs to get fleas. Have you ever tried picking fleas from a wiggling kitty? Not as easy as the monkeys make it look. We couldn’t use flea dip since they are to young.

You need to have lots of patience and  the physical stamina to tend to their physical needs, which  include bottle-feeding newborns around the clock every two-three hours. I got the night shift which drove me up a wall. I felt my nerves starting to crack their little cries are torturing especially in the middle of the night. TCIMaster had the day shift also very draining but not as much as the night shift when one is trying to get some sort of shut eye.

Then there is the act  of making  them go to the bathroom, you have to stimulate them to pee. Mommy cats lick their booties to make them go. Let me tell you kitten booty not so tasty (yuck). They are finally starting to use a litter box so that good news, I don’t know how much longer my tongue was going to last.





They are now starting to run, slip and slide everywhere. They love following us everywhere and running in between our feet. Its gotten so bad that we end up performing acrobatic acts just to avoid stepping on them. Little buggers move quickly and they love climbing up our legs. Have you ever tried using the bathroom with a kitten trying to climb up your leg? Its not a pretty sight that’s for sure.  Needless to say our legs are full of tiny kitten scratches as well as our hands and arms. TCIMaster even has a scratch on his nose! 

They are taking over the place! They have even taken over the doggy beds, which makes for very moody pups. I’m sure the doggies will be happy to see them leave and get their bed back.


They should be ready to be adopted in a week or two. Meanwhile we get the joy of watching them play and grow. If anyone would like one let me know, of course you will need to live somewhere in southern California and now I can hear them crying , its time for their next feeding and if I don’t hurry my legs and fingers will pay the price for not attending to them quickly enough.

Happy Birthday

14 Mar


I can’t believe that 16 years can go by so quickly yet here I am wishing my one and only daughter a Happy 16th Birthday.

Dear CC:

I wanted to give you a special gift, In a kind and unique way since it is your sweet sixteen I thought I’d do something special. So I took a jet  around the world, just the other day. I racked my head with gift ideas things you might just like, I saw  jewelry, cool clothing , gadgets and what not’s. But I just couldn’t make up my mind between rubys and a yacht. I thought I’d bring you home a pet, maybe a panda, a giraffe or a bat named Amanda.
But you can find those anywhere, plus a great pet caretaker you are not.  I was really on a mission as  I traveled through the world, I even fell off of a donkey, got chased by shark and licked by a monkey. When I got back I  realized the perfect gift for you could be found right here at home.  Just you and me together all day alone.

Happy 16th Birthday Tremendo.



I suppose I could have taken you with me and  that would have been a great gift.


If I really had gone don’t you think I wouldn’t have just given you money silly girl!

Sex and Drinking

21 Feb

I recently started watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager with my daughter. I can’t honestly say that I’m enjoying it. I feel like I’m watching an after school special with funding provided jointly by Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church. The writers worked tirelessly to provide every single angle on the subject of teen sexuality that it came off as obvious, bland and almost preachy. Not to mention that they make teen pregnancy look easy peasy. I asked my daughter who is 15 what she thought about it her reply “Well they make it look like it might be tough in the beginning but in the end it all works out fine like any teenage girl can have a baby without worrying about anything,  I get the feeling that everyone my age is out having sex already with whoever they can”
Needless to say we had a little chat about teen sex and pregnancy. She is not allowed to have any sort of sex till she is 30! And there is no room for negotiation. Thirty! Your hear me, I said Thirty young lady! (that’s for my daughter just in case she reading this) If you’ aren’t my daughter go ahead and have sex whenever you want.

What I do believe the show offers is a good drinking game.  The word “Sex” gets tossed around so much that it’s ridiculous! A typical conversation will go like this:

Girl:  Sex? Want to try sex?

Boy: Sex with me? You are offering me sex?

Girl: Yes sex, sex with you who else would I have sex with?

Boy: You think we are ready to have Sex? If you’re not ready for sex we can do other kind of sex.

You get the point. Its sex, sex, sex, sex, sex and more sex.  So from now on when watching this show keep your ears open to the word SEX. If you are an adult then you should toss back a shot of (insert your choice of liqueur here)  for every time  someone on the shows  says “SEX”. Believe me you’ll end up with alcohol poisoning after watching just one episode or maybe becoming an alcoholic after one season.

My Head Spinning

31 Aug

The other day I stopped at a red light (only because it’s still illegal to run them) and was forced to wait for the light to turn green. While sitting in my car, anxiously waiting for the light to change, something caught my eye; actually it would have been hard to miss.  Across the street, in an open public park, were 20 or more guys all holding signs. At first glance I thought it was just another protest and wondered what it could be this time? Global Warming? Gas Prices? Longer Lunch Hours? No decent sandwich shop around? What could it be??  As all these thoughts ran through my head  I noticed that the majority of the group was  paying attention to the one guy in the front who was twirling, spinning and tossing his sign.

This was no protest! It was a sign spinning class! Ha! Who knew you could make a career spinning signs! Sign Spinners, you know, those people who stand at a busy corner holding a sign for hours at a time trying to catch your attention by doing some sort of dance routine or acrobatic tricks with their sign. I get amused watching all the twirling and spinning. So much so that I usually will get honked at! One can get hypnotized with all the rotating whirling twirling twisting and tossing of the sign! However, if you ask me what they were advertising, I generally will have no clue. But would be able to dispense scores for their aptitude, originality and ingenuity of execution!  8, 9, 7

As I sit at the red light, dumbfounded that there are actually classes for sign spinning, I’m happy knowing that Sisi now has a backup school CUSS (California University of Sign Spinning)

Possible New iPhone App

18 Aug

Seems like the summer sure is going by fast (but not fast enough for me). One can never get used to this valley heat! Doesn’t matter how long you have lived here, the icky draining summer heat just comes out of nowhere and literally zaps your willingness to do anything.  I think school starts again sometime next month (can you tell how involved I am in my daughter’s education).  It’s right about now when parents start getting the school newsletters and the voluminous plethora of mind numbing forms and bureaucratic red tape one has to fill out! Now DO they really need our address on all those different forms? Its unbelievable how many forms need to be filled out! Can’t one form for that be sufficient? If you’re a parent you surely know what I’m talking about! The registration papers, emergency cards, health exam, pre-participation physical exam, lunch forms etc. etc. etc. You would think in this day and age we can simply shake our iPhones at the school admission center and instantly register our children! Hey what a great idea! I wonder if there’s and iPhone App for that! If not, I’m patenting the concept. What’s a good title? iRegister? iEnroll? iGetRidofYourkids?    

Well yesterday I received my first packet of forms to fill out.   The pile of forms and paperwork needed is as high as a mountain!   Like it’s not bad enough I’ll be spending several hours trying to fill out the darn forms, noooooooo, they decided to make things much more interesting for me and send all the forms and information in Spanish!  

I believe it’s time to teach my daughter how to properly fill out forms and the art of forgery.