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Bitch Betta Have My Monie

17 Sep

I have a twitter problem account and follow a few people I deem interesting on it. I have the text alert function set up for some of the people I follow; there are some tweets I just don’t want to miss! Then again, I think I might want to start turning off the twitter text alert on my phone at night.  Some of the people I follow are on different time zones and I end up getting text alerts as early as 3:30 AM!  Yes, crazy me will quickly glance at it (no matter what time) to make sure it isn’t a family emergency text or maybe, even more importantly, work related.  However, taking cough syrup and getting these texts at odd hours can have an odd effect on a person.  For example the other  night (more like 5AM in the morning) I ended up having a peculiarly bizarre dream with Catherinette Singleton!  I can’t remember the details, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Catherinette’s love life.

 Something to the effect of getting my money….  I had a feathered fedora hat and some cool shoes with live goldfish in the heels! Bitch better have my money!!! So with the constant draining tension and anxiety of taking care of poor sickly Tiki Tiki, my coughing and my outrageously entertaining dreams, I haven’t gotten much sleep at night. So for now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to try to take a nap and go to dreamland. I’m going to put some baby powder on my hands before I dose off just in case I see Caterinette in my dream again. This pimp gots to keep his hoe in check! Snap!