Possible New iPhone App

18 Aug

Seems like the summer sure is going by fast (but not fast enough for me). One can never get used to this valley heat! Doesn’t matter how long you have lived here, the icky draining summer heat just comes out of nowhere and literally zaps your willingness to do anything.  I think school starts again sometime next month (can you tell how involved I am in my daughter’s education).  It’s right about now when parents start getting the school newsletters and the voluminous plethora of mind numbing forms and bureaucratic red tape one has to fill out! Now DO they really need our address on all those different forms? Its unbelievable how many forms need to be filled out! Can’t one form for that be sufficient? If you’re a parent you surely know what I’m talking about! The registration papers, emergency cards, health exam, pre-participation physical exam, lunch forms etc. etc. etc. You would think in this day and age we can simply shake our iPhones at the school admission center and instantly register our children! Hey what a great idea! I wonder if there’s and iPhone App for that! If not, I’m patenting the concept. What’s a good title? iRegister? iEnroll? iGetRidofYourkids?    

Well yesterday I received my first packet of forms to fill out.   The pile of forms and paperwork needed is as high as a mountain!   Like it’s not bad enough I’ll be spending several hours trying to fill out the darn forms, noooooooo, they decided to make things much more interesting for me and send all the forms and information in Spanish!  

I believe it’s time to teach my daughter how to properly fill out forms and the art of forgery.


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