Watch Out Boys, There’s a New Cougar In Town

8 Jul



My mother “Chula” drove down from Baja California (that’s about an 8-9 hour drive from there to here) to visit with us for a day. That’s about as much time as she can afford to give us from her oh so hectic life; why with breakfast with friends, bank runs, lunch with friends, shopping, dinner with friends, who can blame her?  There  just isn’t  enough time in the day for her!  On her way to visit, and on her way home, she likes to stop at Pala Casino Spa Resort for a little R&R before the long drive to and from. Or so she says!  I think it’s because of the soothing sound of the slot machines.

Take in mind that I haven’t seen her since we went to Las Vegas for New Year’s (Pala, Vegas do you see a theme here?) Evilo had mentioned that Chula had lost some weight, but oh boy was I in for a surprise! Let’s just say you could hear the sound of my jaw when it hit the floor, I almost didn’t recognize her.  She looks great!  She has lost a significant amount of weight, has had her hair done and is styling a new wardrobe.  She is smoking hot now! I’m guessing, with her new lease and outlook on life, we will see even less of her now! Kudos mom! Grrrrrrrrr!


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