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You’ve Got Mail….. Paprika

9 Jul

We adopted Paprika on Oct 2009 when she was around 12 or so weeks old never knowing her actual birthday we decided that the whole month of July is Paprika’s Birthday.  For her birthday month she gets to pick what to watch on TV and choose what’s for dinner. Needles to say Master has started to get very creative with chicken and kibble.  So far we’ve had chicken sandwiches with kibble chips ( he wont tell me how he turned the kibble into chips, Chef secret! he said), Chinese chicken  with the kibble used as croutons, chicken soup with kibble crumbs, fried chicken with kibbles and gravy and I believe tomorrow is chicken and kibble pot pie.  Only 21 more days of chicken to go, August can’t come soon enough!

Paprika this year received an extra surprise, Gina the Min Pin Paprika’s Twitter buddy sent her a birthday gift. Below you’ll find a couple of pictures of Paprika and her gifts.


Paprika here: I  would like to thank Gina with a big wet kiss and  a lady like butt sniff.

I also  would  like to remind everyone that there is still time to send me a card or gift.  I’m not to snooty to appreciate belated  gifts either. Winking smile 

Woof woof for now xoxoxo,


P.S In case you are wondering what I chose to put on my Netflix queue  so far I have Puss in Boots, Felix the Cat, Garfield the Movie, Garfield: A tail of two kitties, Phineas and Ferb ( Perry the platypus make me BOL, that’s bark out loud) Dog the Bounty Hounter but I believe the title is deceiving, we watched one episode I never saw a dog in it! Oh and the 7th season of House M.D.  I like to stay current on illnesses you never know when I’ll be out walking and someone might yell “Is there a Dr. in the house?”  They say a dogs love and tongue lick is the best medicine and I never leave home with either one.



Rested and Ready

23 Aug

I just can’t wait for the weekend to come around again. Woohoo Paaaarty!!! For many it means it’s time to start club hopping! Time to party like a rock star! Stay out all night and mingle with all the other rock stars.   Noooope that’s not what excites me at all, I can’t stay up all night doing things young people do anymore.  No more listening to ear deafening music.  No more wearing belts and having them pass as skirts. No more dying my hair a different color of the rainbow each weekend.  No more staying out all night and being able to function on just 1 or 2 hours of sleep.

Nope! For me the weekend means I can wear comfy cloths and go to sleep early and wake up late. Although, considering my gleaming and perky exterior (wink wink), most would find it very difficult to believe that I’m no longer a spring chicken and that my body aches for rest.  Actually it screams for time out! I need the weekend now to harness some energy for the long week ahead.  My weekend is used to rest my sore bones.  The only parties I’m attending are the ones on TV.  

Hope everyone is rested up and ready for another long week.