My iPhone 4 Affair Part II

9 Aug

I really want to try out the Facetime feature! Have you heard the newest trend? Adult entertainment companies want to utilize the facetime feature to expand the old “900 sex chat” to the newest of technology! Bravo I say iPorn! How imaginative is that! Never the less, to try facetime, both you and your friend have to be on Wi-Fi and have an iPhone 4.  Aside from Master, none of my friends have an iPhone4, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try FaceTime out.

I don’t know if it’s just me or did I get a bad phone?  Apart from the death grip problem, that has been the talk of the apple town, on several occasions, I have dialed a number but nothing has happened.  It just doesn’t want me to speak to whomever I’m trying to call I guess!  I have also noticed that the screen blacks out on times, completely randomly, without any rhyme or reason.  I’ll press on the top button a couple of times, shake it vigorously (because shaking things fix’s everything), there’s just nothing on the screen display! Until, yet again without any rhyme or reason, the screen inexplicably reappears and starts working gain.  The scariest “fail” moment was the weekend my phone’s display showed me a “Temperature Warning”!! WTF! My phone wasn’t even being used; it wasn’t even warm to the touch! I couldn’t do anything! I couldn’t restart it; I couldn’t turn it off, nothing! After several attempts to remove the warning, I gave up and handed the phone to the ohhh so able hands of Master. He gently caressed the phone, as if he was reuniting with an old lover, then out of nowhere! Bam! He pushed her into submission and did a hard reset! Take that! Once it restarted the warning sign was gone.

I still need to order my free bumper, learn how to upgrade the software and figure out if to jailbreak or not?  I’d ask Master but as he has mentioned to me before “that’s not my area of expertise“(wink wink.).  So if anyone out there has any suggestions or tips please let me know, I would appreciate any information.


2 Responses to “My iPhone 4 Affair Part II”

  1. A Girl & Her Dot August 11, 2010 at 11:31 #

    That’s really funny!! Sorry your phone is giving you problems. Maybe you’re just to sassy for the phone.

  2. baby August 15, 2010 at 02:54 #

    Nice website!!

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