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Twaddle from the Twitterverse by Gina The Min Pin

12 Apr

My good Twitter buddy @Pkitass recently asked me if I’d like to be a guest blogger. So, I’ve gone ahead and put paw to paper and come up with the following musing:

It happened again this week. Mommy read on the Timeline of one of her Twitter anipals that the pal’s fur-iend had unexpectedly passed away. Mommy asked if the pal had a picture of the fur-iend that could be posted for all to admire. The pic was produced forthwith, whereby Mommy promptly produced a stream of tears.

In general – and unlike yours truly – Mommy’s not a crybaby. She usually remains stoic at sad movies and even some hoo-man funerals. Yet, if there’s even a whiff of news on Twitter of a sick or moribund anipal, the waterworks are immediately underway.

Mommy claims that the origin of her intense feelings of grief go wa-a-a-ay back to when she was an impressionable four-year-old, and her paw-rents took her to see Bambi when the original film was re-released in theaters in the 50’s. No need to rehash the movie’s plotline – we ALL know what happened to Bambi’s mother 😦 Problem was, Mommy’s Mom & Dad regaled people with stories about how Mommy would burst into tears for seemingly no reason at all for weeks after seeing that movie, and – when asked why she was crying – Mommy would reply “Bambi has no mama!” Traumatizing, indeed!

And, supposedly from that time forward, the slightest mention of any anipal being out-of-sorts, or going (heaven forbid) Over The Rainbow Bridge elicits this incredibly strong reaction from a customarily emotionally balanced hoo-man.

I’ve often commented in my Twitter Timeline that Daddy just doesn’t “get it.” He’ll tell Mommy that she may want to reconsider being part of a social networking site that has such a capacity to upset her. What Daddy doesn’t see is Mommy’s amusement generated by news of anipals’ virtual weddings and birthday paw-ties, or her joy in being able to communicate real-time with like-minded individuals in countries where she has no other contacts.

So, yes, it would be better if Mommy didn’t tear up at efurry anipal’s barf or sniffle (Dam U, Bambi!), but then she’d miss out on the pleasure evoked by all those other pithy 140-character messages. She’ll willingly take the sour along with the sweet. Keep those tweets ‘n pics comin’, anipals!!!