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How To Trick People Into Thinking Your Good Looking

12 Jul

I’ve been seeing this  youtube video pop up everywhere on the internet. I’ll admit that I wasn’t the one who first discovered it but  Gina Grad from the PGP had it on her FB Wall then I saw it on other blogs.  I thought it was a bit funny and entertaining. Love the music she used in her video a classic Rick Astley song.  So just in case you’re not like me who spends almost half a day on the internet (cause you know you’ve got a life) and haven’t had the chance to see the video. I thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

And so she says:

“Glasses are for Douche bags”

“I like colors like black cause it says I’m a whore”

“Now it’s time to put of fake whore lashes and cartoon eyebrows”

“I like this one cause it makes me look like a street walker”

“Go get yourself a job that’s super degrading”

“There’s no cure for ugly”

On a side note I wonder if I should follow her advice?