Tiki Tiki’s Vet Visit

5 Nov
It was a normal day just like any other day, or so I’s thought.photo 1(1)
 When I’s was put in the basket then set down on the car seat, I’s didn’t think much of it. I’s thought what a nice day to take a drive with mommy.photo 2(1)
 It wasn’t until we parked in front of the building that I’s realized where we were! It was the Animal Hospital. SMDCH
 As we walked inside to the reception area I’s started to let everyone know exactly how I’s felt about being here.  woof woof woof woof! Anyone who would listen got an earful. Woof woof woof.REcp


 We’s was taken to one of the exam rooms were I’s  looked around while I’s waited patiently. I’s sure we’s just picking up medication refill, nothing to be concerned about. I’s sure everything will be fine.photo 4(1)
 The technician came in and weighed me.  Wow! I’s thought I’s getting chubby 2 whole lbs! But no Dr. said I’s need to gain more weight. I’s concerned dis will affect my future modeling careerphoto 1
  Then the unthinkable happened. I’s politely told him “Ehh Excuse me….Excuse me that doesn’t belong there”  I’s was so embarrassed.photo 3(1)
 As I’s was getting  over the shock, the Dr. walked in and started listening to my heart and breathing. Her hand were cold and the thingy she used was also cold. We’s told her about the small seizure I’s had about a week ago. And about my upset tummy with the runs.  Dr. said she doesn’t see a big improvement from last visit. Mommy begs to differ.photo 5(1)
The Dr. said I’s have a heart murmur and could hear a clicking noise when I’s breathed so  she wanted to take X-rays to make sure I’s didn’t have an enlarged heart. I’s look like this inside.  photo 2
We’s waited in the reception area for the x-ray results where I’s saw the office cat and I’s complained about what was done to me inside ….woof woof woof woof…. he didn’t care he’s heard it all before then turned around and left me talking. office cat
We’s were told that my heart looks fine my lungs look ok, but I’s missing a rib and a half but it shouldn’t be a problem. My poopy results will be back in 24hrs so we’s were sent home with tummy medication.photo 3
So that was my traumatizing vet visit …..did I forget anything mommy?photo 5


Oh yeah we’s went to the post office were I’s was asked to leave (they’s not very nice about it) “No dogs allowed” I’s not a dog! So we’s left! Blrrrrrr to them!  Then I’s made mommy swing by the ATM to take out some snack money . So we’s can get something to snack on for the drive home.photo 4


This has been a Tiki Tiki Post.                                                       ChiHugs and ChiKisses to all!
Dr.’s office did call back the next day said poopy is 100% clean.  Tummy medication worked great I’s feeling much better.

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