My Head Spinning

31 Aug

The other day I stopped at a red light (only because it’s still illegal to run them) and was forced to wait for the light to turn green. While sitting in my car, anxiously waiting for the light to change, something caught my eye; actually it would have been hard to miss.  Across the street, in an open public park, were 20 or more guys all holding signs. At first glance I thought it was just another protest and wondered what it could be this time? Global Warming? Gas Prices? Longer Lunch Hours? No decent sandwich shop around? What could it be??  As all these thoughts ran through my head  I noticed that the majority of the group was  paying attention to the one guy in the front who was twirling, spinning and tossing his sign.

This was no protest! It was a sign spinning class! Ha! Who knew you could make a career spinning signs! Sign Spinners, you know, those people who stand at a busy corner holding a sign for hours at a time trying to catch your attention by doing some sort of dance routine or acrobatic tricks with their sign. I get amused watching all the twirling and spinning. So much so that I usually will get honked at! One can get hypnotized with all the rotating whirling twirling twisting and tossing of the sign! However, if you ask me what they were advertising, I generally will have no clue. But would be able to dispense scores for their aptitude, originality and ingenuity of execution!  8, 9, 7

As I sit at the red light, dumbfounded that there are actually classes for sign spinning, I’m happy knowing that Sisi now has a backup school CUSS (California University of Sign Spinning)


One Response to “My Head Spinning”

  1. harlsmits September 1, 2010 at 13:00 #

    It’s good to know that all those years of baton twirling can be the basis for a lucrative career!

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