Lost, No More…

27 Jul

About 9 weeks ago the last episode of Lost aired on TV. Yes I’ll admit it I was a fan, a follower, a devotee. Hello my name is Pkitass (hanging head) and I am a Lostie. It has been 65 days since I last watched the season finale of Lost, however, every Tuesday at 8:55 PM the alarm on my phone goes off. I get so excited the second I hear the alarm go off! It’s time to sit down and enjoy an hour of my favorite show! Then it kicks in, or my annoying daughter reminds me, that “no” there isn’t a new episode to watch.

I know I should remove the reminder from my phone and stop torturing myself; but I’m not ready to let go just yet.   Since there isn’t a rehab center, and I haven’t found a support group for my problem, I’ll continue watching random Lost episodes on Netflix and replaying this YouTube video.

All I know is ” We Gotta Go Back”

 I’ll never be lost again by The InJustive League


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