AT&T & A Wig

19 Jul

Sometimes bills are simply hard to understand! What do the charges mean? How do they relate to the overall billed amount? Basically, the dots are too hard to connect.

Our two year cell phone contract with AT& T is over.  So, joy of joys, today I have to finally sit down and try to decipher the office cell phone bill. Every month I try, O so very hard, to understand the bill we receive.  To be honest, I rarely even look at the bills anymore and just end up boxing the bills unopened.  Whenever I do vamp up the courage to look over the bill I end up just pulling my hair out.  After a couple of months, I finally gave up because I was going bald. There are so many different kinds of charges! One phone line gets charged only $9.99 another line gets charges over a $100. Go figure! When we first opened the account the monthly charges seemed fine and dandy, however, somehow that amount has been slowly creeping up. Our text messaging plan is unlimited, as is our data plan, we never go over our minutes; actually we end up wasting a lot minutes that we simply don’t use. Yet our bill gets slightly bigger and bigger every month! It’s a magical account!

Ughh….just thinking about it makes my head spin. Why does it have to be so complicated?

The only fun side about it is to see if I can get us all new phones and extra goodies (chargers, batteries, headsets) for free.  Free stuff is always fun!

Oh well I guess I should get on it already (that’s what she said) but first I have to go online to order a hair wig and go take a couple of aspirins


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