Salon on Kester, The Butcher of Van Nuys

24 Jun

As a teenager I always styled the boyish short hair, its so easy to maintain you shower, you dress, you’re out the door. Plus its keeps you cool.

About two maybe three weeks ago SiSi had a Cadet Ball to attend. We went on a weekend to look for and purchase a dress & shoes. As for her hair, we decided, she would get it done on the day of  the ball.

The day we went to a hair salon SiSi told the Butcher she wanted her her trimmed and styled nicely, Butcher said no problem.

I didn’t think much of it and didn’t notice right away as to what the Butcher was doing. Hey it’s her job she knows what she’s doing or so I thought!

When I looked up…. I gasped and thought oh shit!

The Butcher had chopped almost all of SiSi’s hair off. 

I ended up doing the best I could to fix it but she was still very upset  and has vowed never to let anyone touch her hair again.


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