Giving It Up

21 Jun

Yesterday, as we all know, was Father’s Day and Master had nothing to do so he showed up at The Office. I, like every weekend, was already there. Both of us, with nothing better to do, decided to go get a pie at Marie Callender’s. They have a sale of any pie for $6.99. Great we thought! Then Master saw the sign on the door…. Father’s Day Brunch and if you dine in the pie is on $5.99. That’s what did it! We were sold. Included with the brunch were Mimosas and Champagne. Again, I think why the hell not. But I don’t drink any sort of alcoholic beverage and who knew I would feel the effects after a couple of sips. So the next conversation went as followed:

Me: Wow…
Master: What happened?
Me: I just had a couple of sips of the mimosa
Master: And?
Me: Well I feel weird almost tipsy
Master: Really….
Me: Yup and let’s just say if I drank the whole thing fast right now I’d be giving “it” up easily.
Master: (went silent)

We ended up stuffing ourselves silly and still buying a pie to bring back to the office. I mean who would pass up such a deal a whole pie for $5.99!


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