Many Moons Ago

29 May

Wordpress moons


Many, many, moons ago I posted a Missed Connection ad in Craigslist. Do you guys remember? If not here is the link to that post . Well it turns out that one the many gentlemen who were gracious enough to take the time to respond found out that I had written about my Missed Connection ad and that I had shared his response on my blog.

His response to my Criagslist ad:

photo 2


Not wanting to lose that special connection we once had he decided to leave me a comment:



Could it be that even after all this he is still interested? Should I stop shaving and let my fur start growing out? After all, he does seem to have a sense of humor and isn’t that what every girl wants in a man? Maybe….. jusssssst maybe he is my Mr. Right or perhaps after I post this I will mysteriously  disappear and will  never be seen or heard of again.

Just in case :/ someone check up on me in a month or so.

Mr. Nottafastguy kudos to you for having a sense of humor and I promise this is the last time I mention you. Unless you decide to reply to another one of my missed connection 🙂 Bwahaha Bwahaha

I just don’t learn 🙂

The Force Is Strong

3 Mar

Its been a long time since I last wrote in my blog. I wasn’t even sure I new how to log in anylonger. But I guess I was able to since you are now reading this post or did I telephathically send you message via the force?

I have a small story to tell you all but I need more time to sit down and write it down for you.

Its regarding a post I had written last year on craigslist.

To Be Continued……


You’ve Got Mail….. Paprika

9 Jul

We adopted Paprika on Oct 2009 when she was around 12 or so weeks old never knowing her actual birthday we decided that the whole month of July is Paprika’s Birthday.  For her birthday month she gets to pick what to watch on TV and choose what’s for dinner. Needles to say Master has started to get very creative with chicken and kibble.  So far we’ve had chicken sandwiches with kibble chips ( he wont tell me how he turned the kibble into chips, Chef secret! he said), Chinese chicken  with the kibble used as croutons, chicken soup with kibble crumbs, fried chicken with kibbles and gravy and I believe tomorrow is chicken and kibble pot pie.  Only 21 more days of chicken to go, August can’t come soon enough!

Paprika this year received an extra surprise, Gina the Min Pin Paprika’s Twitter buddy sent her a birthday gift. Below you’ll find a couple of pictures of Paprika and her gifts.


Paprika here: I  would like to thank Gina with a big wet kiss and  a lady like butt sniff.

I also  would  like to remind everyone that there is still time to send me a card or gift.  I’m not to snooty to appreciate belated  gifts either. Winking smile 

Woof woof for now xoxoxo,


P.S In case you are wondering what I chose to put on my Netflix queue  so far I have Puss in Boots, Felix the Cat, Garfield the Movie, Garfield: A tail of two kitties, Phineas and Ferb ( Perry the platypus make me BOL, that’s bark out loud) Dog the Bounty Hounter but I believe the title is deceiving, we watched one episode I never saw a dog in it! Oh and the 7th season of House M.D.  I like to stay current on illnesses you never know when I’ll be out walking and someone might yell “Is there a Dr. in the house?”  They say a dogs love and tongue lick is the best medicine and I never leave home with either one.


Dubstep Dancing….

8 Jul


What is Dubstep and am I to late to learn?

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals".

Translation it’s a string of noises and sounds that makes no sense at all.

Here is sampling of Dubstep Music.


I don’t know about you but I myself couldn’t make it thru 2 minutes of it. Sure I’ll be the first one to stand up and raise the volume on the radio, I’ll also be the first one to dance at a club or party. But this? Is this really music or just a bunch of odd sounds put together?

Granted some, dubstep music or is it songs? Are remixes of popular songs.  I was able to enjoy (ummm tolerate)  a bit more and was able to make it thru the whole video.


Now that I’ve decided what kind of dubstep music I’d rather listen to, comes the most important question of all.

Can I dance to it?

Am I to old to learn dupstep?

How do you dance to it?

Well it turns out, nobody seems to be very certain how exactly you dubstep dance.  After an intense  search on youtube. I found that sometimes it’s the robot, sometimes it’s a pop-and lock,  a move in slow motion  dance  and then there’s the just swing and flail your arms around dance.



After watching these videos I’ve decided that my old age joints wouldn’t be able to handle it nor could my brain handle the so called dubstep music. Although the flailing arms one seems easy enough if I don’t mind looking like a fool.  So will any of you be dubstepping soon? Who’s with me? Should we form a crew? Can we get matching outfits?

To apply please send me a video of your best dubstep moves.  I need a good laugh every once and a while.

P.S the use of a walker as a prop is a big plus Winking smile

Wicked A Wickedly Awesome Musical

24 Jun


Yesterday my daughter and I had the pleasure to enjoy our very first musical! Our choice was non other then Wicked which is playing at the San Diego Civic Theatre, from June 20 to July 15.

Based on the best-selling 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, WICKED, is the untold story of the witches of Oz.

Long before Dorothy drops in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One – born with emerald-green skin – is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. WICKED tells the story of their remarkable odyssey, and how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. 

We had the time of our lives I can’t stop raving about it, the lights, the costumes, the songs, the music everything was amazing! If you have the opportunity to watch this musical I highly recommend it. The only thing I will complain about are the prices for their merchandise.  Plus the people who were sitting behind us kept complaining about not knowing that it was a musical and they couldn’t make out the words. Oh well maybe next time they should read the description of the show first.

Needless to say both my daughter and I are now fans of musicals.The next musical I’d like to watch is Mama Mia but my daughter says we first must go see Phantom of the Opera, we shall see about that. Sarcastic smile

I’m sharing a couple of pictures from our trip to San Diego and of the show sorry they aren’t the best pictures but we weren’t suppose to actually take pictures. 



P.S. I now see The Wizard Of Oz in a whole new way.

Wordless Wednesday

9 May




I’ve waited 2 years to see this smile

P is for Procrastinate

22 Apr


Pro·cras·ti·nate: [proh-kras-tuh-neyt]

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.


So if blogs had social workers I’m 100% sure I’d be visited my them, I’m also pretty sure I’d be court ordered to take blogging classes. I’ve been neglecting it in such a way that I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t blogged since  (I’ll be right back I need to go check the date) February  26th! February 26th that’s 8weeks or 56 days ago. Wow! Now if only I had a good enough excuse to give you all, maybe If I told you I was out saving puppies and kittens or out curing world hunger it wouldn’t be so bad.  But sadly it’s just plain laziness and lack of creativity.

I did however google how to Stop Procrastinating and I found a small list

1. Stop thinking. Start doing.

The thing here is if I stop thinking then I wont know what to do.

2. Don’t blow a task out of proportion.

If I don’t blow it out of proportion then its not important enough for me to do, so why even do it?

3. Just take the first step.

For me the first step is to eat something but after I eat I’m usually to full to do anything else

4. Start with the hardest task of your day.

This I can do! I always make it out of bed no matter how much it pains me to leave it.

5. Just make a decision. Any decision.

Hazelnut or Caramel coffee? Decisions decisions

6. Face your fear.

I’m not fearful of laziness I embrace it.

7. Finish it.

I’m done with this list now


Well fellow readers I’ll see you in 8weeks again.

Missed Connection Replies

26 Feb

Back in January I decided to play along with Tom from Shouts from the Abyss and place a Missed Connection ad on Craigslist. Here is the ad I posted on January 1st 2012:

“You were driving on the 405 South when you purposely cut me off. By what I could tell on your side view mirror you have a full dark beard and nice hairy, hairy arms. You were talking on your phone in a lifted dark green F-350 XL with the windows down. We caught eyes several times and I’m sure you couldn’t have missed my "you’re number one" finger sign because we finally smiled at each other while slowly traveling down the 405. This was last week sometime during morning rush hour. YOU looked HOT and I’d love to see more of that fur! Email me if you read this and on the subject line include make and color of my vehicle.


At that time I also promised you all that any replies I received would be posted on here. Since I like to be a woman of my word, today I’m making good on that promise, yes perhaps it’s been over a month, some may even say close to two month but just like the saying goes “Better late then never” now without further ado…..


Now here’s a guy who knows what he wants, what girl wouldn’t fall for this? I mean its straight to the point, no mind games here.


Nottafastguy: Fur fetish? and a girl that flys the finger easily.. I like it.. I have a fur fetish too.. are you furry? yum

I can be furry it all depends what kind of  fur coat or costume you get me.

World traveler deerhunter78: are you talking about me? my name is Jay

I may or may not have been talking about you, I guess he’ll never really know.


Geodelove: Was I in a drown car?

It wasn’t raining that day so I certainly hope he wasn’t drowning in his car.


Sandra taylorgnyfm: Do you want some fun ? 🙂

I thought the whole point of this post was to have fun.


Francisca S: I am free if you’re down. I’m at home all by myself in woodland hills, can you come over?

Wow! Francisca, I don’t usual go that way but for you I just might come over.


Cindymwilliams30: Hello, i saw your post, I’m cindy, a navy officer, I will like to know more about you please reply if you’re very serious thanks.

Well I’ve all ways had a thing for men in uniform. I wonder if it also applies for women?


Abbypark85: hey there- do you like Ulluco? You could come around to my apartment and have some with me before getting started with some fun……… 🙂

I had to look up Ulluco because I didn’t know what it was but once I found out it’s a root vegetable, I‘m curious to know exactly what kind of fun she had in mind with it?



Stephen sp10979: so you like fur do ya..  send me your pic .. here is mine.

First of all Stephen you don’t look furry to me ! Second, may I recommend a good jock strap?

softball revised2


Pamela morrowtara50: Hi there, want to hook up outside Ross? Maybe we could view an old dvd movie with each other in the future like Breathless XXXX

Pamela did you want us to go shopping first at Ross? Thanks for the movie recommendation I haven’t seen Breathless yet.


Willjackson11111: I’m generous….Hi Love,

Employment History

Garden of Eden     “Bouncer”                      Jan6th -  Present

Pig N’ Whistle          “Bouncer”                                     Sept 7 to Present

Nastec International                    “Rover”                                            Sept 5 to Present

La Vida Lounge                “Bouncer”                                               August 5 to Present

Academic Information


           Cumulative:                         2.94                             Major: Communication

            UNT GPA:                          2.92                             Minor: Spanish

            GPA in Major                     2.95


            Cumulative: 3.52                                                   Intercultural Communications

PhD. Student                                                       

            Cumulative: 3.33                                                   Intercultural Communications


Will was nice enough to include his resume complete with references, plus several pictures of himself and pictures of his, not very impressive, junk.  I came very close to posting the picture of his “junk”. However, proper decorum  prohibited me from doing so! Especially to a PhD candidate Bouncer!  Thanks for applying Mr WillJackson, but your GPA was not quite high enough for me!  Only Summa Cum Laude need apply!




And there you have it my fellow readers the cream of the crop on craigslist. I’m going to have to pass on all of them for now, but Francisca I’ve got my eye on you baby Winking smile

If you were me who would you pick?

Enchanted Wordless Wednesday

1 Feb

Here you have a prime example that fairy tales no longer exists.


Even Prince Charming gave up looking for his Cinderella



Hot Sweaty Dirty Girl

8 Jan

Things are about to get right down dirty and sweaty here.


I’m such a wild party girl! While you guys continue to enjoy your weekend  I will be cleaning.  Yay me!